Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walking the Las Vegas Strip and Skinny Feet

Monday I ran. Then went to yoga. We had a sub, which I knew we would. It started out pretty minimal but by the end my legs were killing me. Our focus was on the Warrior poses, which need strong thighs. I should have taken a bath or jumped in a friend's hot tub. Bad, bad idea to run first. The entire time (which was not boring at all!) I kept thinking, sink deeper, don't run before yoga, sink deeper, don't run before yoga...

I made a delicious, absolutely delicious vegetable soup. Sauteed about 4 chopped green onions, 1 green peppers and about 10 fresh mushrooms in olive oil. Then added in 4 chopped zucchini. I put about a cup of water to help it boil down so I didn't have to stir it. By the time I checked it was a mush close to burning, but I bet that was the secret. I filled the pot up with water and add the chicken bullion and some garlic powder. That was it. After it cooked for a bit I threw in half a head of cabbage, shredded. I figured with minimal spice it would be blah, has in the past. Man, it was to die for.  I literally had to go to bed so I couldn't eat any more. 

Tuesday morning, the walk from my car to my office, about 100 meters, was torture. My leg muscles were killing me. I could even feel the "inner thigh" part. So, awesome yoga, really got the work out I needed, but I was dreading later tonight and the walking of.... dun, dun, dun, The Strip.
A friend from college came to town for a conference and we decided to get together on Tuesday. She wanted to try a buffet that had vegetarian options and didn't care about the price. I tried to dissuade her, noting that I had a car and could drive us anywhere. More for the cost, she had just spent a hot $20 for a salad because the buffet she had tried had minimal options for her. But also because I am not buffet starving lately. I am doing really good staying on track and not over eating.

So we walk the mile from her hotel to the location of the buffet. We tried the Wooden Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. I was very impressed. I was able to get my fill and not eat my usual of rice, beans, or breaded things. I did try the duck confit ravioli, two in a white cream sauce. I was actually walking right past the pasta section and headed for something green when I overheard two skinnies talking about how "they only have one duck confit left, we can come back later so we can both get one..." So I politely checked out the spaghetti and sauce and snagged it as soon as they walked away.

This was partially buffet mentality, one left! But more because I recognize duck confit from my travel and food shows. Had one of them taken it I would not have gone back for it. As a matter of fact, I ate one whole ravioli, the pasta was very nice, and took the stuffing out of the other. The sauce was good but I did not sop it up. Go me!

This was a small buffet by buffet standards here. I could actually find my seat again. I would definitely go back. The cheese selection was wonderful, I found kale salad, they had a huge bowl of giant crab legs that no one noticed, it was conveniently at the far wall. Had I not been with a friend and planning on going out on the town, I would have skipped everything else and mowed on that alone-politely taking only a few and returning. I hate people who take them all and leave nothing for anyone else. HATE is the word.

For additional food examples, they had wild boar sliders, leg of lamb-which was delic, just missing mint jelly-and a good bit else I cannot remember. Looking at what to me is high ticket items, I can see why the buffet was the price it was. But there was fancy silverware, good heft to it, and the server poured our water out of a fancy bottle on the table. The ambiance was really amazing. There was none of the rush around, feed your face, pressure to leave your table for the next group, feeling.

I did indulge in some desserts. What I liked was they were in tiny portions. And I used the Two Bite Rule. It felt like such a waste, but you only need two bites to get the full flavor and texture. So I sampled a few and left them. All delicious.

Now that I think of it, I tried a fancy mushroom risotto. That was very yum. But again, two bites. I tried a ... kidney shepards pie, scrapped off the potatoes- not bad, but still tasted like offal, so maybe I should have had a bite of the mashed potatoes- and liver. Bleh. I am going to keep trying liver until I find a way I like it. I think elk was also somewhere but I didn't try it. So again, the price to make these, and the presentation of the food, was amazing, and worth the money to try it. In my opinion.

After about 5 hours of chitchatting while eating and closing the restaurant, we walked the rest of the strip and checked out the insides of some of the casinos and hotels. We took the monorail as far as it would go. I could have walked but by that point I could feel a blister building somewhere near the ball of my food. A sock must have bunched in my sneakers. Yes, I wore sneakers, slightly more fashionable than running, but better for walking than heals or some such ridiculousness. I wanted to check out the Air Bar at the Stratosphere, but was worried they might turn away my jeans. We never made it that far, so it didn't matter.

I think I walked at least 2 miles that night. I was exhausted when I got home and Wednesday my legs were really killing me. My foot still hurt but no blister, at least not one which erupted. As soon as I felt it while walking the night before I was afraid for my Couch 2 5K. I didn't want another set back, and the bottom of my foot is not something I could run through.

I was not feeling the run on Wednesday so I pushed it off to today. I have lunch plans so pushed it off until later. Now its noon and I am starving and haven't heard back for the lunch plans. So maybe I should have just ran this morning and got it out of the way. This week only gives me 2 days instead of three to run. I guess as long as I do it my Week doesn't have to start on Monday.

I was starving when I got home yesterday. I had the soup, still delicious, and had bought some smoked tofu to try as my protein. Not bad. I cut a third of it as the portion size and then I thought to check my diet food chart. The whole package was 7.5 oz, into thirds. I need 15 oz of tofu protein for my daily lean and green. Crap! So I got to eat it ALL. It was like cheating, but not. I didn't add any other protein but I was able to get all my MF meals in so I wasn't too low for the day.

Trying to figure out what to wear today, I tried on a hand me down dress from a friend that I got years ago. I always had to squeeze into it, never actually got any farther than the bedroom. It was not stretchy at all. I saw it on the hanger and figured, Why not? Fit beautifully. Not too tight, loose enough for me to let my belly hang out. Wicked! Before it was like pigs in a blanket, now its loose so I can hide my hips without a girdle or stockings.

Actually I didn't gain a pound from the buffet, not one! I bet it was all that walking. 

I decided jeans and T depending on what we were doing. After a convo with a friend about unused dresses and shoes, I decided to throw on my go-to shoes. I love them, so comfy and fit me perfectly. My feet are too skinny. I walked right out of them. Such a sad non-scale victory. I am glad, don't get me wrong, but I did not get my wear out of them. And they fit perfect. It is so hard to find comfy, stylish, heals.

Actually, I just wore these our for our anniversary in October. So in one month I lost enough size in my feet that they do not fit. It is a bit cold in the house whereas before it was sweat drippingly hot. That may have something to do with it. But a sad day. Guess I have to go shoe shopping!

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