Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week 3 is good, eating off plan, and shin splints UGH

Just when I thought I might have to skip Week 3 for loss and jump to Week 4, this Week 3 was pretty good. I think I only have 2 days in, the third will be Sunday. But it wasn't as terrible after I had resigned myself to give up and attempt Week 4, that is before I actually looked at Week 4.

Week 4 has some 5 minute runs.

Lets go back to this week. The last few weeks have had no knee pain, but the interior front part of my shin (is the shin in front only?) is bothering me. Before it was just a thing you kinda notice. But this week it started while I was running and then for a bit afterward. Today, it was really hurting. I was able to run through it, maybe a 3 on the pain scale, no more than a 5. Thank goodness for the Wong Baker Faces Pain Scale. As I write this, they still kind of hurt. This is clearly getting serious.

Before I move on to the shins, I want to mention my killer cramp. I am always getting a cramp on my right side. I thought it was from eating or my coffee some mornings, but that's my liver, the stomach is on the other side. Apparently this is extremely common, at least for military PTers. And it's a side stitch. I need to do a bit more side stretches and really avoid eating or drinking. (see the link)

How to Avoid Stomach Cramps When Running

On to the shins. It could be anything from weak muscles to strong muscles. Correct me if you know something my Google search did not pull up, please! It's not my shoes, because those are brand new, well, they do not have 300-500 miles (!?) on them. I am lucky if I am pushing 50 miles at this point, over the course of a few months. My "run" is maybe 1.5 miles, which includes all my walking, warm up, and cool down time.

As for exercises, I already do the toe raises. I did find one that says to put toes together and heals out and do the raises. I will add that and see.

If minimal, shin splints are inflammation of connective tissue, which is what I thought when I felt it. Actually it felt like something was being slowly ripped from the bone. I guess it's all the same. Inflammation of the sinuses is pressure, in the airways is labored breathing (think of asthma, one type, anyway).

Causes: either 1) too much heal strike -Which I don't do now after my knee problems, I am trying to strike on my middle to front while visualizing a full distribution of weight on my foot and spreading my toes- or 2) overuse from push off with toes. (see link)

The Whole Story on Shin Splints

Guess it's No. 2.  The article also says treadmill use. Apparently I need to put the mirror next to me to make sure I am striking under my body or just behind it.

I am not running too much with no space to rebuild. I learned that the hard way the first few weeks and with my kneed problems. Not to mention I am battling laziness. I am lucky if I get 3 days in a "week." Guess I need to call my running buddy and ask for advice. Good thing she is a nurse, and my diet coach ;-)

Let's not talk about food. I underestimated the time I needed to reorder and I ran out of my diet food. Literally. Usually I have a week or two left over, just in case! I was debating going off it for a while to see, as you have previously read. But instead of loading up on groceries and stocking up on stuff to eat instead of the MF food, I was going to wait for DH to come home so I am not loaded down with food for him that might not get eaten and will therefore call to me.

What I did not foresee was my jump from healthy house food- I totally skipped healthier take out all together- to nasty fast food. I had a coupon, I decided to use it. I got something else there because I was STARVING and I did not want soda at breakfast. A bad time all around. I ate it and it was disgusting. I was so mad. I went through all my food coupons and through them right away! Now, by disgusting I mean that it was fine, how it should taste, but not what I wanted, not healthy, and not.... me.

I am proud of myself for that, for the not liking it part. But it's still a low point. I should have just spent the money and gone shopping alone instead of waiting to spend time with my husband an making better choices through peer pressure. Not that all of his choices are good, but it's still more helpful when someone is there to say," do you really need to be eating that? Don't sabotage all your hard work...."

And hard it is. I had planned to get on the treadmill (now that its getting to the 20's at night!) to walk every day I am not running. But on my non run days, I could be running-back to not having a schedule-and so I talk myself out of it because I don't want to run. Or I am hungry. Needless to say, I only got on the treadmill once to walk. I may have written about that. My body was so jonesing to run. I actually had to keep from saying, just one minute won't hurt... Yay, I am turning into a real runner.

Of course, I did see a post from a real runner, a friend on facebook, that he ran 20 miles today. Makes me sick. Haha, not really. But I do have along way to go. As I was stretching after my run, I looked down and noticed some skin and fat rolled over my ankles. Now, I have nice ankles, I always did. I used to hate how large my calves where, I didn't care that it was muscle. It just wasn't feminine, sexy enough. But the fact that the calves tapered to a nice, smaller ankle was redeeming, in the least. I really hadn't thought of it in that light until a gym class in high school. We were all nitpicking our bodies and to my calve complaint a very sweet girl replied, "at least you have ankles. I am skinny but I have cankles. There is just no shape. That is embarrassing." And she was right, they were what we would call canckles, but without the fat body to go with it. I never thought badly about my ankles after that. A few years ago I even accepted my calves.

Now they are kickass! Literally, since something is going on with my shins now....

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