Thursday, November 14, 2013

A treadmill with fur

Tanner day 1We have a dog!!!
My friend Des's sweet little boy has severe asthma and the dog was making it much, much worse. The doctor told her it was best to rehome the dog for the sake of his breathing and I saw her post his picture on a few facebook pages. 
We had already planned to foster a rescue dog and figured now was a good time. I contacted her and she was very forthcoming with the pros and the cons of his personality. Great with kids and dogs, stays in the crate, only like soft toys. 
Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, is a staple at this house so we knew we had to take him for a walk. Living on base, Des's house was the perfect location. As soon as we stepped onto the sidewalk kids went whizzing by, strange noises came from bikes or scooters, cars drove right next to us and through it all  he was unfazed. Great.
Getting him home was fine. To cement the relationship between dog and man, as we were told he follows Des around (and therefore probably me also), I had DH take him for a walk while I unpacked his stuff from the truck. It was at this time I managed to lose control of the full dog bowl and toss it all over the inside of the truck and out on to the driveway. What a mess. At least it was dry. The dog did not want to walk without me (aw!) but he did just fine.
So the idea at the moment is I will walk the dog when I get home from work and DH will walk when he gets home at 8 am. I'm bored with the gym, mostly tired after working all day (see other post on the semantics debate) and with it being so dark at night. With the dog I have to walk him. It's like the commercial, a treadmill with fur. It was a cute ad to adopt a dog.  And he walks just fine so far even with the other dogs being walked after work. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I Rock Mondays

Because I am badass.


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That looks like fun.

Badass chick autoreblog
(She is not a badass because of the size of the weapon, it's the lower hardware. Zipline harness? Weapon holster....??? Where do I get some of that to walk around in, oh yeah....)

Ok so I get the motivation to go run last Monday after work. Pack all my clothes to change into and grab the C25K sheet off the treadmill.

At some point I put that piece of paper down and the day moved on.

I get to the gym and no paper to look at to know when to walk and when to run.

I was all on my own with my amazing memory.

If you know me, it's not always so amazing. And looking at how much, or how little, really, that I have run in the past few years, I would have given up.

photo from
But I was motivated. I knew it was a 5 min warm up then run 2.5 minutes then walk then run and so on until a 5 min cool down. These brand new gym treadmills are AH-MA-ZING! Much faster pick up and slow down. I love it and was thinking of what I needed to give up to save up for one of these babies.

I kept my speed a bit slower to try to stay on as long as possible after so little activity lately. I ran about 2-3 min and then walked 2-3 mins, no more, no less, until min 30 came and went. Going a bit slower I was under my usual mile mark.

But damgamit, I was proud of myself! I made it to the gym, I changed, I got on the treadmill, and I ran.

Who rocks? Yeah, that's me!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Side stitches and fruit body shapes

Just about all week except for one day DH and I have been walking after work. I always go the same route: out of my neighborhood, around two gated developments, up a side street, and back to my house. Previously, I figured it was around 3 miles. Today I timed it walking alone at about 10 am on a Sunday. It took me about 1 hour.

I thought I was walking at a pretty good clip until close to the end but that only equates to a 20 minute mile. Pretty average for me. I will have to time it when DH and I walk, I feel like I walk faster to keep up with him and his long legs. A general online calendar estimated I burned 345 to 386 calories during my walk, depending on how fast I was actually traveling.

Last night I started to feel a cramp in that darn same spot on my right side. DH mentioned maybe needing to eat a banana, but we thought those were just for leg cramps, or drinking more water. I have been off on my water consumption lately. But I used to get the stitches before when I was hard core about my water.

Jenny Side Stitch Four Ways to Stop the Dreaded Side Stitch

So I did a bit of research on side cramps, also called side stitches, among many other names. It is a cramp in the diaphragm (a muscular membrane that moves the air into or out of your lungs so you can breath). They have no idea why it happens but there are a couple of theories about how it could happen. This is the gist that I got from it:

  • Tugging from organ movement
  • Exhaling on a foot strike, liver pulls down when diaphragm pulls up.
  • Exercising may restrict blood to that area
  • Running (or fast walking?) pulls the knee higher which squishes the belly which squishes the diaphragm
  • Not pushing a whole breath out can build up pressure and cut off blood flow

Not related to the diaphragm directly:

  • A build up of gas, sped up by exercise, in the large intestine. 
  • Eating or drinking within the last 2-3 hours before exercising

When I get the stitch I usually throw my hands on my head and run, or walk, like that. Instantly, it improves. Arms down, pain. From my reading, and the above bullets, it looks like I am stretching the organs out and giving my diagram more room. It might even change up my breathing on which leg I strike, so who knows? I found this arms-up method mentioned only once, on the Prevention website. It suggests doing this as a stretch every day. Once upon a time I used to do yoga quite often, and before my runs I did a similar stretch.

Runner's World mentions foods high in fiber and fat take longer to digest and can cause a number of stomach area issues if still moving around in there during exercising. One person's perfect is another's pain. Both How Stuff and Core suggest lips as away to help with breathing. Either grunting on the exhale or pursing your lips. Both make you focus on breathing and the forceful exhaling.

Now that is particularly interesting because I try to not look like a mouth breather when I walk. Running, oh well, open mouth it is. I try to do deep breathing through my nose, but maybe I need to start extending and pulling in my belly also. I kind of like the idea of the blowing out birthday candles idea. Sure I probably look and sound goofy, but if it works I am all for stopping the pain.

Interesting, wikiHow has something that uses water on your skin, or a bath, to get rid of them. See the link for the how-to.

I figured all of this walking would have me at least dropping a few pounds. When I weigh myself on the weekend, its less, during the week, back to normal. I do eat and drink less during the weekend so that is probably it. And I know the exercise will be building up the muscle I let go slag recently.
My motivation to start running (ha, let's see if it holds true!) came at a Girls Night Out potluck. I came in a few hours late due to working late and leaving my phone/gps in my office at work (ugh!), wearing a flowy style dress that had a stretchy top. The hostess, whom I know casually, was already into the wine by this point, and understandably so, hugs me and as we are walking in touches my belly and says, "OMG are you pregnant?" Now, this is not the first time this has happened in my life, although not in a while. Apparently, I had funny quips to let the comments roll off, after all, most women my age are well into multiple kids and we rarely all get out together so it's hard to keep track of who is and who isn't. I never feel bad because I understand, and I am  holding my weight right there. This time I just said no and moved on, she counted with, "Oh! I'm sorry! Don't feel bad," and we went on through the night as if nothing had happened.

So I wake up this morning and think, should I go walk or should I get on the treadmill and start my C25K training again? Clearly, it bothered me, just a little. I ended up going for a walk this morning and deciding to start running on Tuesday. Fingers crossed I do. I might actually get up regularly for work and "run" then head to work a bit later on. I realized just one hour later and highway rush-hour traffic almost doesn't exist, both to and from work. Which helps my stress level immensely.
I came across an interesting pic on an ad on facebook. This is a similar lay out. It uses fruit shapes overlayed on a female body drawing to show where the weight is held or to show the larger location of the body, if there is one. I liked it because I knew I wasn't pear-shaped, it's mostly in my belly. But what am I?  According to this I am an apple. Hey, we all can't be hour glasses or bananas like society dictates.  I am not fitting into my pants, my shirts are kind of all over the place because I weeded some out, bought some new ones for winter, and it's still hot, so they are too heavy, and just can't find anything that I own that looks good on me: hides the flaws, accentuates my curves. I pulled this image from My HighWaist That website is a good one to check out for celebrities in bikinis who have particular shapes, like the triangle, or inverted triangle. Not the most comprehensive and appears to be selling bathing suits. But hey, its a resource and the picture was informative.

Anyone else have cures for side stitches or complaints about which fruit you are and which you want to be?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pasta and a Walk: Shirataki noodles

I am happy to share, I was going to go for a walk today all on my own-no outside motivation!!

The plan was around lunch time when the rain stopped. I was changed, all ready, and decided to text DH and ask if he wanted to walk with me when he got home. If I didn't hear from him I was just going to go. As I was trying out an email to him just in case that got through first, he texted back! I was shocked. Usually he doesn't have his cell with him, so a response right away is like surprise gift. 

So I decided to wait for him to come home. As it turns out, just as I would have set out, it started to pour rain again. He saved me from the rain, aw. It turned out to be much nicer later on, no clouds in the sky, beautiful sunset, cooler temperature, most of the rain had dried up or moved to pool in the channels to the storm drains (which always seem to be backed up). I just used a better map and our usual walk is about 3 miles. Yet again, I forgot to check the time to see how long it took us. Although, we do have to stop somewhere between 5 and 8 times for road crossings or gate entrances, which may slow it down as we wait for a chance to cross. 

Dinner request was pasta and sauce. I only allowed it because I had just bought some Shirataki noodles to try out. Pasta just has too many carbs and I have successfully learned to live without it. I have been reading about these non-carb noodles for years and only just found them now. So I knew they had to be rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed again. The smell of the bag as pretty pungent, it is made from mushrooms and sometimes tofu, after all. I boiled for about 3 minutes and then pulled the extremely long noodles into bunches and pulled some into shorter lengths for easy eating. I boiled some regular wheat pasta for DH in case he couldn't eat the new ones. I actually put the wheat pasta in first, mixed it a bit so it wouldn't get clumpy and then used my handy dandy wires skimmer to hold the shirataki noodles in the boiling water above it. Mine happens to be "Chinese Style" as opposed to heavy duty all metal. Mine is also now an heirloom and I am honestly surprised it has lasted through so much use. Back to the noodles, I strained and rinsed and strained and rinsed again, just in case. This ended up cooling the noodles down too much but I wanted to make sure there wasn't any residual nastiness that DH might pick up on. Or me, but I am a bit more receptive to odd smells and textures and flavors. 
This is half the package, or one serving. Might need to double or triple for that "plate of pasta."

I thought the noodles were just fine, like ramen. DH agreed that it wasn't bad. Not the best texture for pasta sauce, but could be great for soup, maybe fried up for chili, cold pasta salad, or just as a side. I am already envisioning my favorite sauce, ricotta cheese (which is actually whey). Yum! 

Here is how the noodles stack up against our wheat pasta. Shira is 113g serving size, 4g of carbs, 3g of fiber, 15 cals. Wheat is 56g serving size, 41g of carbs, 5g of fiber, 210 cals. 
That compares as 113 vs 56 serving size. 4g vs 41g carbs. 3g vs 5 gs fiber, and 15 calories vs 210.
Or double that for the the Shira portion size: pasta is 82 grams of carbs, 10g fiber, 420 cals. 

Wow! That is of course, if I read the package right. Still, this is going to be a new, if far more pricey than pasta, staple. And it was kinda pricey. I think one bag was $2-$3 maybe where as pasta is, what? $1 for a ton of servings? Eh, we are trying to lose weight, not feed an army before it does a triathlon. We can afford, thankfully, to spend a bit more to eat a bit more that amounts to quite a bit less. Does that make sense? 

Now, we might need to double or triple the amount of Shira noodles to get that "full" feeling if we are eating "pasta" for dinner, as I said earlier. We always have a veggie along with dinner. The more carbs, the more free veggies, like salad. So since tonight was pasta, I made a huge salad for both of us, taking up the whole plate on each of our plates. The result was full bellies but now I need to buy some more salad, which is no big deal. I will just grab it for less than $1 at my favorite veggie warehouse just down the street. 

Our protein tonight was lean ground beef. You can see it peaking out of the corner of of my seasonal plate picture. This was a current picture, by the way, I just keep the those plates out because they are all dishwasher, microwave, ovens-safe. OVEN SAFE! I love these plates. I can cook on one plate, transfer half the meal to another plate, and boom, we are done. Less dishes, less cleanup. Just have to let the cooking plate cool off. Or put it on a cork pad to save the table from the heat. If it's just me for dinner, I either throw the stuff in the oven to bake while I shower after the gym, then pull it out to cool while I do my hair or whatnot or I eat right off it. So far no burns and its been a few years. 
So, if you have tried Shirataki noodles, or something similar, let me know. Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated. This is supposed vegan friendly and gluten free. This is a go for my family. Hope it is for yours as well! 

(all pictures are mine except for the wire skimmer and yoga cook, via google)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A nice walk before soup for dinner

I cooked the soup described in the last post. Then ran (drove) to the library to exchange some books and got home in time for DH to come home from work.

He did not want to run. He was tired from work, from the long drive home. Just wanted to eat and relax. But if he didn't run he would have to get up early in the morning and that really isn't a reality. 

Sound familiar? It should, it's what I say all the time. It sounded so strange coming from him. While I have heard him complain a few times throughout the years, that's it.

Watching him getting ready for a run, I was motivated to go outside for a walk instead of inside on the treadmill, which rarely happens despite best of intentions. And he came with me! We had a nice 2.5 to 3 mile walk around the neighboring developments at a pretty good clip. My breathing was labored, was having a bit of trouble talking, and towards the end I could feel the burn in my bum and upper thighs.

The flowers and bushes were in bloom and the sun was about to set, it was really nice. The temperature was still pretty warm but compared to a month ago, or a few hours had it not been so overcast, it was pleasant.

We came in and turn the soup on to warm up a bit. I had tofu as the protein but was so excited to try the soup that I had nearly forgotten until the second bowl.

The soup did turn out to have red (purple, really) broth from the cabbage leaching. It was pretty amusing but, man, did it taste good! The flavor was absolutely amazing. I am sure it was from the sautéing I don't give any credit to, and am really quite impressed.

And I am glad to share, I am already planning my walk tomorrow!

(all photos available via google search)

Veggie Soup, a staple

This is a picture of my most recent soup. The water was added after the picture was taken.

I used a bit of olive oil and sautéed on medium-medium-low heat some chopped fresh garlic, chopped green onion (the entire stalk), and cremini mushrooms, chopped. For a nice explanation of these mushrooms see A Few Mushroom Facts. The setting on my stove is actually more like high, it's just the other half of the nob is power boil at various levels of gas flame. Most of the time I have to alter the heat back and forth depending on how much has been prepped ahead of time (almost never).

Then I added a chopped red bell pepper and some coconut oil. I usually grab the green peps but heard the other colors are sweeter. Here is a nice explanation for the colors What's the Difference?

sautéed all that down to soft or relatively soft, flipping it around with my wide bamboo spatula you can see in the picture. Here and there I add more coconut oil as needed. For one, I am currently running out of evoo, and I heard from the public and a few friends that coconut oil is the way to go, not to mention it has a higher flash point, supposedly. Both Doctor Oz and a 2011 Times article mention the possible benefits and how it got a bad rap in the beginning (spoiler alert, it was chemically altered from its pure form, surprise surprise). I am not a one-oil woman here. I will give anything a try (I did just try (native) Alaskan seal oil and was tempted to eat the black meat. Thank you my new friend!)-actually I am pretty open to try anything, veggies, fruit, meat, substitutes, why not? The same-ol'-same-ol' can get pretty boring.

Back to the soup, I threw in chopped zucchini. I just learned from watching America's Test Kitchen that if you want your soup, stew, or chili to be less watery, scoop the seeds out of the zucchini. But I want it soupy, so I just chopped it up real small and in it went. I tossed in some liquid spices (see below).

In past experiences, I have burned the zucchini letting it just cook down. It was amazing in flavor, but I don't want to experience the OMG ITS ON FIRE feeling (it was NOT on fire, I will have you know) or having to scrub clean that pot afterward. So I add a cup or so of water to help the zucs cook down.

Debated beef or chicken bouillon. Settled on chicken and needed to replenish the little jar with stuffs from the bigger, bargain warehouse buy. As I was using my improvised funnel, a giant clump came out and everything spilled all over the floor, wet cutting board, and counter top. Bummer. So I let everything cook down while I cleaned it all up.

Spices: I added in some spicy mustard, Worcestershire sauce, low-sodium soy sauce-this is amazing for a meaty flavor when using only veggies, thank you, America's Test Kitchen-and whatever spices you might have on hand. The actual dry spices, I have yet to get a spice pot to grow my own fresh, are up to whatever taste you want. Sometimes I don't think we can taste the spices, but whatever. Today it was hot pepper flakes (we like it SPICE-AY), nutmeg, "curry," sage, tarragon, a bit of salt, and black pepper-I usually crush it fresh but I wasn't feeling it. That's about it because all my other spices are running low. I love tarragon on fish, but that is another post.

While all this is on the boil I chopped up some purple cabbage. I know, if left to boil too long the color leaches out. But I was bored with the green cabbage and it was the same price. While I was chopping, the thick parts of the cabbage conspired against me and I watches in slow motion as the large knife made a dive for my finger, which was properly placed for this type of cutting, except for cabbage, apparently. Second bummer in less than 30 minutes. I immediately washed my finger and grabbed some antibiotic ointment and a bandage. The cut wasn't bad but every time I bend my finger it will open up. Despite not wanting a water proof bandage, I realized I still had to shower and took it anyway. Doesn't it just figure that the top where I need it to be sealed onto my finger gets folded on itself? When I tried to pull it a bit to un-stick it from itself and it rips off. Gah!

After cleaning up the kitchen so it didn't look like a gore movie, just kidding- my cut wasn't bad at all-I finished the cabbage in a bit worse of a mood, added the dry spices, and poured in 8 cups of water to top off the pot half full of veggies and help mix in the spices. I set the heat to low and let it simmer all day. For whatever reason mine usually boils but it's all good.

Actually, for this type of soup I could just put it all in the pot uncooked and boil away. But most recipes have yosauté for taste or whatever, so I do it. Well, I do it when I have time. It happens to be Saturday morning and I am not working but DH is, so the house is empty and I have nothing immediately pressing.

After the cabbage is in I mixed it all up, watching to make sure the dry spices were able to get into the water and touch as many veggies as possible and to get the cabbage, which can float, down to the bottom to cook. Cook this on low if you have all day, medium heat if you are only around for a bit, or put it in the fridge and set it to cook at dinner time when you are ready. If you pre-cook it all like in this example, no big deal. If it's a toss and run day, it will take longer. For that I suggest a slow cooker, which makes excellent soup on low all day. I leave it on while we are at work. Then turn it to "keep warm" or off when we get home to let it cool off a bit.

As you can see in the picture I do have some chopped up potatoes in the bunch. Since I have successfully weeded carbs out of my diet (no, chips and salsa are not carbs, they are not, they should not be, I know, I know), we never have potatoes in the soup. But I tried a slow cooker roast recipe that called for potatoes-it was so yum, the seasoning was in/on the potatoes days after as leftovers. As it only called for a few, or our crock pot was not as large, and so we had the rest of the bag left. (DH does not shop at my bargain veggie grocer like he should where he could have grabbed them loose.) Since pots tend to have the amazing ability of absorbing salt I threw three small red potatoes in, finely chopped. This will not only add creaminess to the soup if they cook down all the way, but also absorb any extra salt. I have a very low salt diet, other than eating green olives for my martinis...

This recipe is a mishmash of whatever I have based on the age-old cabbage soup diet and a Weight Watchers recipe my Uncle Ted has given to me, said it was a million times better because of all the veggies and flavors and it was filling. Well, that link to the recipe is similar to the one I have printed. I did a Google search to find one for you, but they all have different ingredients. One looked much closer but it used "shallots" and I can never seem to find these when I need them, so I know that was not it. But it will give you the idea. Low carb veggies, low salt, high flavor.

Soup is the best thing for dinner because if there is any leftovers, it is the flavor to build off of. I usually end up buying too many veggies for my cooking pot (Mom took back my huge cook pot and I haven't gone into the garage to get the seafood boil pot). I used half the veggies, then, as the soup gets low, I chop up more and in it goes to simmer away for another day or on another day depending on what our menu looks like for the week. It freezes beautifully, as well. If you are into rice in your soup and have some left over from Chinese fast food take-out (or take-away), freeze the left over and then throw it in the soup. It will defrost just fine, make sure you break up the clumps. I have also defrosted first and then added to DH's bowl instead of the whole soup, so that I won't get any.

Let's talk protein. If I used the meat for the meal I will let it boil in, either first thing in a slow cooker or last thing after the veggies have sautéed, fishing it out to shred the chicken or chop the beef for bite-size pieces. Sometimes I throw in left over parts saved from other dinner, for flavor. If you have never heard of this think of medieval times, or lower income areas, where they use the bones for soup base. Yes, I do this also, especially if we have whole chicken (rotisserie or baked), meat pulled off the bone from other meals, the left over carcass is perfect to boil off. Not only does the small, hard to reach bits of meat fall off the bone for the soup but you get all that flavor. I will even save some of the fat I cut off my steaks (bleh) for boiling for soup, then I scoop it all out (bleh). Yum for flavor. Then toss the bits or bones you don't want. Gotta make this food go as far as possible.

Moving on, tofu. I get a block of tofu and cut it into four pieces. Then chop (mush, fold, flake) one into bite-size pieces and it goes in the bowl first to be warmed by the soup. This eventually gives us half a block in two bowls each. We are not having a conversation on portion size here because when it comes to soup, our focus is on fitting more veggies into our diet, use up older veggies, or need something quick because no one took out meat from the freezer. Cheese is also a good protein source, see below.

What to add to the soup? To me, soup is something quick, easy, cheap, and filling. It is the best thing to make when veggies are on their way out, as in past their prime. Need more veggies but don't have any fresh on hand? Check your freezer. Frozen are just as good. If you are a can family, rinse out the veggies really well to get as much salt out as possible, in my humble opinion. I do, now I try to keep the salt to a minimum and then add as needed. Greens of any kind are great, beware of the bitter ones, like turnip or mustard greens. One time I did try to use salad greens. Not bad but not really for soup. Starchy roots like turnips or sweet potatoes are good and add color and texture. Think of or see something? Try it, if its not good, try something else the next time.

Plating... or bowling... I don't make it look pretty, it's soup to us. The colors can work for you, go crazy if you want. We tend to throw in some hot sauce, I like grated or sprinkled cheese on mine. Actually, if you have any cheese that is getting pretty prime, toss it in the soup bowls. The veggies and spices will help to calm down that ripeness and if it's chunky soup the cheese will get gobbled up, too. If the cheese is stringy when melted, this makes for a fun experience. Thinking about protein, if you are trying to watch protein intake ("we" in the more comfy levels of society have a tendency to overeat on protein, or the unhealthy protein) watch how much cheese you add. Or if there is no additional protein, add more cheese to act as your protein.

The house smells delicious, I can't wait for dinner!

Recipes and pictures to come!

I have had some serious internal motivation to work out. Actually, I had some serious external motivation- my pants no long fit. Muffin top is the positive of it. The shame in it is that when I bought those pants I could have bought a smaller size but decided against it, now I am a size up. Bummer. So the skinny soup is on!

I decided to move this blog away from the negative and onto the positive. Since my life revolves around food, I should post a bit about that. At the moment, my photos are limited. I don't usually think about taking photos of stuff unless it looks amazing. Usually we just dig in. Or take amazing photos, usually it's me balancing whatever in one hand and trying to get my cell to capture what I am seeing in bad lighting, or fuzzy, or the inexpensive digi camera is just not getting the flash right.

So look forward to some recipe trials for better or worse. And please don't be turned off if it doesn't look so hot. Usually, the food tastes really, really good. Or at least is a good alternative for something I shouldn't be eating until I get back into running.

Speaking of that, we finally got the paperwork set up so the gym membership is up to date and we can use it. He has a PT test coming up and is balls to the wall. Not that I am anyone to talk, looking at the crap I eat and that I am up 20 lbs (but holding steady for a while, take that pants!), but I have been on him to go to the gym with me. Not only does it help me to go and not sit around and eat with him (dinner right after work), but it helps him to keep up with it since there isn't really a SQ PT program set up here. Sometimes it's in the AM, or afternoon, or PM after work, not at the moment. And he is on shift work a few days off from my work week, so his weekend might fall in my workout week. He doesn't want to work out on his days off. I totally get that. But if things get busy, he isn't necessarily working out at work either. Hence, the gym. So it comes down to, he doesn't want to work out twice. I get that too. But it helps to motivate me!!!! ME! The important one here. haha.

Part of my need to work out now is to handle stress. Part of my recent bad eating is stress.

Not really stress from work,

but from the drive there and back. Las Vegas has some of the worst drivers, it was in the news paper! Recently I heard about The Rant, a spot on the local new station, where people can complain about things going on around here or in the news in general. I am tempted to complain about the drivers. Unfortunately, if I try to take side roads it can add 30 more minutes up to 1.5 hours of drive time one way. If it rains, these side roads, while still major arteries at three lanes plus turn lanes, will flood and dismantle cars trying to ford it Oregon Trail style.  DH even saw a F-250 bobbing upside down. It's no joke. The highway system in the rain can be just as dangerous, slamming on breaks is not exactly going to stop you when the roads are wet. Even dry, the highway inches during rush hour. But even inching I can get home, or to my area, within 30 minutes. It is just crazy stressful. No turn signals, getting cut off, people cutting people off causing multiple car pile ups, no one allowing the entrance ramp people to merge. The list goes on...

I could change up my schedule to avoid rush hour, but then if I have a question, no one else is there at work. At the moment, the recent project needs input and debating from a number of people.

The good news is I will have a gym buddy if I go in the morning, which then has me having to stay later at work, to make that crazy drive worth it.  So maybe I will go a few days in the am with her and then go after work a few nights. We have two gyms nearby, she lives a bit down the street, maybe a 10 minute drive away. Either way, the point is while I lost my other gym buddy, and hang out partner for after my gym visit, I have someone new. Actually, she is old, one of the first people I "met" here and both looking for gym partners. Times just didn't line up back then. I might actually add a trainer in to help me start using the machines. I know how, but maybe paying for it will get me to use it also.

So let's raise our glasses of water to a new routine and some good food!

(all photos taken from a google search)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Throw back jams, two years ago ? Tues. Day 10

** Ok, I found this is my drafts folder and have no idea when or where it is from. This must have been....two years ago, when I first started???? It is in no way finished but I figured I should publish it anyway. Why not? (proof that not much changes...)

Already I am getting lazy with this blog. Perhaps it is time to go back to updates only.

Still "starving" at every half hour but I think if I brink in some soda or mixes and not just depend on water I can get through it. I don't know if its the flavor or what. But it worked today

I am in love with the pudding and soft serve ice cream. Chix noodle is my fav soup out of my two options. Its super saltiness helps me drink me three glasses of water at lunch times.

Water is divided into 8 of 8oz. I have a bottle that is 28 oz which I count as 24. One bottle between breakfast and lunch (plus my coffee), one at lunch, and one in afternoon. After lunch my schedule always falls to pieces. Not hungry, not thirsty, just trying to get to a stopping point in work to leave at the proper time. This lack of food obsession, which is bad anyway, then makes me starving on the drive home and that equals take-out. Instantaneous gratification. Clean kitchen. No dishes. What's the negative???? I actually lost weight and got in really good shape when hubbs was deployed and all I ate was Thai and Chinese food. The disclaimer is that it was always the more healthy choices because of my IBS. Still!

As I figured, fries on the way out, not as good as in. Tried an Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar, really good. Much better than I expected.

Back on, Update after lots of VACA, 3 Day Detox

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I was waffling in my workouts but was pretty much on track up to my cruise. I took a 2 week vacation to hang with a friend. She is pretty much sedentary and I was fighting a three hour time zone deficiency as well as my own laziness. Needless to say, I did not go out and walk all on my own, despite bringing sneaks and work out clothes. 

Her daughter did come home, and she is a "runner." But we didn't overlap enough. The pool was truly frigid and the hot tub, while wonderful, exhausting in its own right.

Then the week cruise. All in all, two weeks of only eating- stormy weather limited out snorkeling and swimming almost every day- I was only up 7 pounds. Dropped it the first week I was home. Yay. 

After that I was able to work on a project that gave me 40 hours in addition to me 20 hours. I had to take it, especially since we are thinking of buying a home here. I thought it would last a few weeks, "they" thought two weeks initially. At this point in time I have been there three months and we have quite a bit more to get through. My 20 hours was cut down to 10, so I am only working about 6 days a week instead of 7. The 40 project is not on campus so I can't do an hour here or there, I have to drive the hour down there and the hour back. So I relegate that craziness to the weekend unless a holiday or down day happens upon me. Actually, the project I had started prior to this 40 one popped up again and offered me 40 additional hours. 90 hours a week? Only if I can do it from home, in front of the TV, which I can! But it was put on hold for the moment.

The point in explaining all of this work is firstly, that my work out schedule went to pot. No morning Tai Chi, no nightime yoga, running is a joke-although I did get on the treadmill or walk out side for an hour. I need to also add that my hubby changed shifts so I can't get on the treadmill in the AM like I used to, and I skipped yoga to spend a few hours with him after I got home from work and before he left. We were able to eat my dinner, his breakfast together. I'll take that over leaving each other sticky notes and trying to write, No, I just made that, eat those left overs! Or, don't eat the left overs, its my dinner! Sheesh. I wanted to get on the treadmill after he left for work, but I was just exhausted by 9 pm.

I used to joke, as many of you know, that I my bedtime was 8 pm. Well, after this mind-numbing 40 project (I am grateful for the opportunity!) I was nodding off at 6pm. SIX PM!! I nodded off sitting outside and woke up in the dark. A few times I totally slept through dinner on my own. 

Something should be said about this heatwave. Temps are around 120 F, 100's well into the night, doping to the 95s F around 1 am. It would be 100 by 8 am on my drive in. I am sorry, but driving home I am soaked with sweat, trying to get outside for a walk was just so hard. Not to mention dangerous, but I drink 96 oz of water during the day (3 32 oz bottles), so I should be good there. Add it all together and the heat is just the icing on the cake of not happening. 

I did debate getting up supper early to get out for a walk. I don't get out of bed until I absolutely have to, it has always been that way but especially now when DH wants to watch movies into the night, or I if stayed up to 1 am for him to come home after work to talk to him about houses or bills or whatnot.

So, I am up a good 10, 10 + pounds now. I broke down and bought more diet food. I talked to my health coach through the diet plan and we both agreed the crazy hours are not helpful and if I can cut the salt the water weight will drop. I wanted to text her almost every day to complain. Because of where I work on this 40 project, I am basically in a hallway across from the "kitchen" where the microwave is. People heat up their lunch from 1030 am to 130 pm. I smell delic food the entire time! And sometimes a chick in the office next to my hallway (really, its a walkway into a larger partitioned room) heats up breakfast. So I smell "real" food 6 hours a day. :-( Sad panda face. Her reply of "stay strong" was really what I needed.

I tried a fruit and veggie cleanse a friend recommended.  She started a day before me and failed to be strict (the lunch shake was a bit "thick," as in solid), which did not help my resolve. I tried only smoothies for two days and then made one or two a day for the next few weeks until everything was used up. Not bad, but my body did not like the Zero Protein option. My health coach did not like it either, just not safe. In retrospect, I could have added tofu. I might do it next time around. But I think my blender, a throwback from college (what, 10 years ago already?) is about to burn up and was too small to take the Lunch smoothy. When I go back to part time work, I might permanently add it into my diet. Its just too much prep and cleanup time to get it in now. I tried, I really did. 

I actually stayed excited through the whole trial, despite DH saying it was "gross" and making "ooouagh" sounds, which is his version of vomit noises, only cuter, thank goodness. I'm not saying it was amazing, but I enjoyed it. 

Dr. Oz 3-day Detox
(photo from Dr. Oz Wesite)

Anyone else try a "detox"? How did it go?

Then we went on vaca a few weeks ago. All the walking helped me to not gain anymore, maybe a pound or two. But all the places we went, which I had found on travel comment websites, had almost no veggies. What are the chances?! I tried really hard to not eat the way overpriced processed food at the parks. But then we were starving by dinner and passed out right after. No pool time, no hot tub time at our hotel. What a waste. Oh well.

While I have said it before, it remains true: DH sitting at home (when he is home!) not going to the gym with me (like when we first started!), makes it so much harder for me to get dressed and go to the gym when I could be spending that precious time with him. 

We are very, you-time, me-time people. We are not an attached to the hip couple who needs to know where the other is all the time in our coupledom. But with his changing shift work and my 6-7 day work week, we try to be together as much as possible. You better not get bored of your Sig Other, because you have no idea how good you have it not having to communicate through only sticky notes and text messages (neither of us can talk at work, and he really can't text unless on "lunch")!!!!!!!!!

I know, it sounds like a million excuses. And they are, but they are all true and real. Its about 645p and I am falling asleep writing this. If he didn't sleep through the morning when it is cool, the treadmill would get so much more use. It truly a strange feeling to have motivation for something when its impossible. I did find another Y that has Tai Chi at 4pm. But I don't get out of work until 4, I can't get there until 420. By that point I missed warm up and if it is one thing I learned, I need the warm up or I pull something. Been there, done that. I was and still am very tempted to get up earlier to get out earlier to get in to Tai Chi. But we all know how that will end.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to pick up and drive my coworker. He can't access the work site without me. Total bummer.

So here we sit in the AC, watch TV, well, he is watching I am typing and updating all my blogs, not going to yoga.  Sigh. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First 5 K !!!!!!!!!!!! and sidetracked with two bouts of illnesss

I have quite a bit to recap.

My schedule usually includes Yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights and Tai Chi on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, sometimes Friday mornings. It all depends on my work schedule and traffic. I tried to go on Saturday mornings, but it never happened.

I contracted a belly bug and waylaid for a week. This time I actually lost about 5 lbs. Sure, one week of minimal food, it's bound to happen, you say. But losing any amount of weight when sick is apparently taboo for my body. This inability to lose is quite a joke with some of my friends. If you have been reading this blog you know I never manage to lose anything, so this was a serious bug. That or I ate something off. I tend towards a bug as a friend also had something at about the same time.

I managed to go to Yoga on Monday of the waylaid week and the rest of the week was a horrible wash. I am so grateful I live where I have easy and constant access to a working toilet and some over the counter relief. Was I treating the symptoms, yes, but I needed to go to work and take care of my obligations afterward. Food was limited to brown rice, water, tea, my MF liquid foods, saltines, and a yogurt or two towards the end to help get healthy bacteria into my system. That was it. Maybe some scrambled eggs to test real food again.

It was during this time that I decided I might go back to doing Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. I am just not getting on the treadmill now that DH and my schedules are at odds.

Zumba is on the backburner at the moment because a friend form work gave me a Fitness Bootcamp Groupon to use and I let it go until it about expired.

I signed up and tried it on a Thursday. I was feeling ok until about Friday night dinner time, my shoulders and arms felt like they were being pulled into knots. I think it was all the bear crawling. I am glad for the opportunity but, man, do I feel out of shape. Actually, quite a few of the stages we did were based on yoga positions and moves, so I knew what and how to do it. The issue was holding it for so long, doing it uphill, or moving on my hands or arms while holding it. Thank goodness it's only an hour. I was quite a bit better than about three of the others. I tried to stay at the back/end to not slow the group down, but these three were holding me back on the stuff I actually could do. Oh well, best not to go crazy on the first day.

I had wanted to go back the next day, Friday, but I didn't make it over to that end of town in enough time to change, taking traffic into account. As it turns out, my arms, shoulders, and back were knotted up, as I said, so it is just as well. DH and I walked around some of the nearby subdivisions a few nights over the weekend, about a 2.5 mile loop.

Monday I missed the gym because of poor planning. DH and I took a museum tour and then went out to eat. I was supposed to go out to the gym earlier and got bogged down at the house. We must have eaten something off because I broke out in itchy hives all over my body and was horribly nauseous; had the trash can next to me just in case. I didn't have need but poor DH did. Definitely something we ate. I am sure I would have also been sick if I wasn't so worried about the hives. A bit of over the counter allergy medicine cleared it all up by morning. Strange that we both had a reaction at the same exact time. And thank goodness for two bathrooms just in case.

Now on to Tuesday. I can't remember the bootcamp schedule, Thursday might be abs or arms, Wednesday is legs, I know because I heard her say it and missed it with this head cold. Apparently, the first Tuesday of the month is 5 K day. I did not know this and ran errands after work instead of stretching beforehand. We did a couple of warm-ups, skipping, high knee, butt kicks, etc., while going around a circle in the park. My throat was killing me. I was hoping it was a sinus thing and just breathing through my mouth, but it is proving not. Just the warm up had me winded and exhausted.

When we started the run I figured I would have to end at the half way point where I dropped my water off. Didn't happen. Honestly, I hadn't run for quite a while and I had previously dropped back to my Week 1 of training for a 5 K. As a matter of fact, I turned around and tried to finish. Second half was mostly walking and I forgot my soar throat when everything else started hurting. But I finished! 48 minutes. I know, pathetic. I was dead last. Everyone else was already doing the final exercises, similar to what we started at, but at 50, 100, and 200 times.Yikes, these people are serious. But I am so glad I just did it. On the second loop I actually had to high step it to keep my feet from dragging, I tried to swing my arms to walk faster. I really felt like I was crawling but I never stopped. WoooHooo!

So now I know just how long a 5 K actually is. I mean, it's easy to think, to convert, to map on the websites, but until you do it, it's not so obvious. My shins hurt and the back of one knee hurt. Actually, I was envisioning what running the Disney Princess Run (half-marathon) would be like, it was my motivation to run to the next lamppost. I was not wearing my running shoes, which are almost to the point where I should toss them. So that may have been it. I am sure it was a great deal more towards the fact that I did not do my stretches ahead of time. If I can attempt a 5 K once a month, or until I build up to it as my "run," that would be great. I use quotes because, I am sure I said it before, I have a friend who walks faster than my treadmill "runs." It's more of a jogging/walking as my diet website exercise log offers as an option. My shins did not hurt has much as they used to. Maybe the time off helped. Hopefully if I can keep running on the road they will stop hurting all together.

I had originally planned after the bootcamp to get to the gym and get on the elliptical machine. After the run I thought maybe a bit of bike work so I could sit, haha. They were moving a equipment so that was a no-go. But I do keep seeing a hula class, I might try one of those. By the time I made it to the house one of my inner ears started to hurt along with my throat.

I was hoping to go to bootcamp and the gym today also. I took the day off from work and had planned to go to lunch with some friends. I slept until 11 am, which is crazy because I am usually up somewhere from 7 to 9 am, regardless of when I go to sleep. I went to lunch and felt so rundown. I got home and DH was still sleeping so I laid on the couch and watch some recorded shows. I managed to nap a bit on and off for 5 hours but the fact that I did not go outside into the sunlight and read is an eyeopener: I am fighting something.

I should have gone out when I was out for lunch because I never ended up on that part of town after my napping. After we ate dinner it was too late to go to the gym, even though they are probably still moving stuff.

I hope my day of doing almost nothing will help me recoup. I pulled out the echinacea (a former coworker used to swear by it), my vitamin C, and the only cold/flu stuff I had: sinus specific. I skipped the cold meds because I don't have any sinus problems or a cough. Too bad I only buy per need, but I just hate treating for symptoms I don't have at the time. It's pain in my throat and ear not insufferable coughing and nose running or congestion, although I'm much improved at the moment of writing this. So I took some pain reliever a few times and it seemed to help. Fingers crossed it's better tomorrow so I can go back to bootcamp and the gym.

Anyone else try these fitness bootcamps? What were your thoughts? Do it again? What about working out when sick? Do you power through it or take some time off so you don't infect the gym goers?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going Raw

Ok, so it was more an accident today, but I have tossed the idea around. Tonight I made soup intended for dinner tomorrow and then decided to stay in tonight. The soup did not have time to cook the veggies all the way thought.  The crunch was amazing and while the flavors hadn't melded yet, each one of the vegetable flavors was distinct and new. I tried a prepared broccoli slaw and it was wonderful. That is really where the crunch came from. Usually I add some cabbage at the very end for the crunch but the broccoli added a great flavor. It’s really going to be amazing tomorrow.

I have heard of the benefits of raw and if adding some more raw veggies into my diet of cooked meat is beneficial, then why not? I was going to start with smoothies, going on a blender bender. Unfortunately, almost all the recipes I found call for fruit (natural sweetener, flavor, and fiber) which  I can't have on this diet, say nothing of the dates I have been slowly eating for the past few weeks. I know, I know, but I don't have the heart to throw that money away. Of the ones that I found which did not include fruit, they had some weird ingredients. Weird, as in I had never heard of them and had to think of where specialty or Asian food markets might be. This was a big deterrent, I won't lie. If I am going to drop some serious moola on 10 ingredients that I only use 1 teaspoon a pop on, I need to be able to use it for something else. That proved slightly more difficult. Especially trying to convince myself that I could eat just this one type of smoothie until the items are gone. Eh, I still haven't tried it. But I am keeping the option open and in the back of my mind. Anyone have a favorite raw smoothie recipe or site they want to share?

Despite my enthusiasm last Tuesday, published on Wednesday, my Day 3 should have been on Thursday and wasn't. I had an invite with some friends to go out Wednesday night, and it was a seriously late night, but fun and a bonding experience. I did go to Tai Chi in the morning, managed to miss the warm up because I was so exhausted. Bad form, bad form. During the low crouching move one of my knees started to seriously hurt. I expected the worse. Might have taken a pain reliever, but went on with my day. A friend needed a ride to buy a car and I stayed since I had nothing else to do. My run could happen at night while dinner was cooking-fish, yum! While sitting there, just after it was realized she had no payment from the bank but got it faxed over just before the office closed (don't ask), I felt confident I could leave. Not that I needed to be there, but I just had that feeling..........And then a slight panic set in. I had a social coffee to be at at 6pm. It was 5 then. I had enough time to drive home, beat rush hour traffic, put on decent not work out clothes and head over there to be a bit late. By the time I got home I was exhausted from the last 24 hours, having eating almost nothing-yeah, I was out of the house almost the whole day so no water either-and was hungry.

Thursday was Valentines Day. We never go out because most of the world is trying to not cook on that day and it's just a madhouse. As it turns out, DH was home early and we were both starving. Unfortunately nothing was planned because he wasn't expecting to be home at a decent hour to eat. Since the day was a bust anyway, I decided to brave this tiny pizzeria down the street. We missed the mad rush but created out own an hour before closing, three other families came in also. We both got a pasta dish, although I was eyeing the eggplant parmigiana. The pasta was cooked perfectly, the sauce very nice. But two bites in and I was done. I am over pasta. That isn't to say I didn't clean the plate, because I did. Yes, we all know I am weak. But talk about a non-scale victory battle before loss of the war, I didn't want to continue with the rest of the dish. I didn't shovel it in. I ate slowly, thoughtfully, having a nice discussion with my husband. I was so full I didn't eat breakfast at work the next day until lunch time.  Needless to say, the treadmill was out and surprisingly, I didn't gain any weight from that dinner.

I had plans Friday, so no run there either. I was tempted to on Saturday, but I learned from the painful knee experience not to push it too much since Sunday is Day 1 of the next week. I did get on the treadmill today. I actually busted through a few of the time stops running-kick ass! But having only run 2 days this week on Week 1, I can't move on, just on principle. It was pretty easy today. I did get that pesky side cramp but not until after minute 20 or so. Not too shabby. I even added in 10 crunches and 10 pushups to my normal routine. I haven't talked about that, at least not in a few months so it will be a later topic. The time it takes me to stretch, run, do the exercises, and stretch again, is going on past 2 hours of time. I was thinking today of maybe moving some of it to my walking days, but then I thought about how I haven't been walking. I need to get into a routine here.

When I do walk on the treadmill, it's either to music, reading a book, or  I put a board on the treadmill arms and set the computer to play my podcasts. I do have some on my iPod but I can't figure out how to get them to just cycle through. I don't think it's possible and it is very annoying to have to select the next while bouncing around. If any readers know how to get the pod casts to just go, I would love to hear it! Please comment.

Today I almost went outside to run. The day was a mess and I just wanted to get the run over with. If I was going outside, I would have to change my workout clothes, map my route, and then go. There are too many variables in there that could get me off track. Like opening up the internet, for one. Facebook invariably pops up somewhere and I get side tracked for hours.  Treadmill it was and so Week 1 Day 2 or rather Week 2 Day 1 is down. Sometimes I wonder if I should toss out the weekly calendar and start my running week on Tuesdays so successful Sundays get grandfathered in to the last week. Eh. Thoughts?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Couch 2 5K Week One, you are going down!

I really need the Tommyknocker's technology to write my blogs. I came up with some killer titles and some good lead ins today after my run but I am coming up short now. 

Day 2 Week 1 of Couch2 5K

Much easier than all the other times I have tried to restart. My shins hurt after Day 1 and again today. Didn't run until 5ish, which was followed by a shower, cooking, eating, cleaning up the kitchen, and some updating of another one of my blogs. I am pretty exhausted now, but needed to jot this one off. I was bored and ready for it to be over at 14 minutes and I had that side cramping again but I made it all the way through. Still fairly easy. Thank goodness. **rolling my eyes**

For the past few weeks of my scarlet letter affair behind the treadmill's back, I have been mapping out routes to run around the neighborhood and those surrounding. I figured if I tired I can see if the treadmill is causing my shins to hurt. Worth a shot, right? I might try this on Thursday. 

I did not make it to my Tai Chi class today and I think that threw everything else off. I took the time to write up a novel review for another set of blogs, so at least that is out of the way. I also updated some info in that one, it was way out of date. But I felt like I was in limbo all day. I did get another YA novel read, not a particular upbeat one, which didn't help with the limbo feeling, ate all my MF meals, and did not snack once!

I made 5 chicken soup packets in a kettle on the stove and ate from that slowly through out the day. Dinner was crusted (gasp) tilapia or some other plan acceptable white fish and a giant salad. I am actually pretty proud I didn't snack at all today or tonight. 

I did change things up a bit. I ran much later than I usually do. I was listening to podcasts while cooking dinner and backing my brownie chocolate chip cookies for another day's set of meals instead of listening to and then sitting down to watch the TV. 

I even succeeded in not getting hungry when DH came home around 10pm and ate his very odoriferous (savory smelling) dinner. Unfortunately, as I type this I am thinking of a snack. It has now been about 3 or 4 hours since dinner. As I am on the every 2 hour schedule, it is no wonder. But I am full and so it is a mute point. 

I went on the TSFL chat and had a nice chat about cruise behavior. I tend to get really strict on the cruise, she let her self go but was strict otherwise. We both like foofy fancy drinks. Glad I am not the only one! 

Time for bed. Couch 2 5K Week 1, you are going down! One day of you left and I am going to stomp you into the ground. 

For the gunners out there, any advice on shin splints? 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back on the Wagon, or Pulling the Cart

This one is out of order. It was scheduled to post on 2/11/13. I can see it still, but it is sitting in draft. Oops!

It's been a while since I last blogged. I had thought up some pretty funny entries while on the treadmill over the past few weeks and had I written them, my participation in exercise might not have lagged. But I didn't, and it has.

I can't say exactly what motivated me back into running. It might have been my belly budging in the way of my yoga poses. In the recesses of my mind it was that my new jeans don't fit and I have muffin top. The want to to eat carbs had surfaced, carbs I so easily shunned not long ago. It might have been that I hear DH is losing weight while I am slowly gaining. I ran out of my diet food, but that is no plausible excuse for my eating and sodium intake. I didn't gain for 6 months, so something has changed.

It was my portion control. Control in general, really.

Since DH came home and started shift work our meals have been a hodgepodge of us trying to fit time in together or me figuring out food acceptable for possibly cold-eaten leftovers. As it turns out, my planning was for naught because he was taking sandwiches. Sheesh. And on top of that, I was leaving the leftovers for him to eat, and he wasn't. He probably figured I was going to eat them. Communication break down when one is sleeping during the other's work day and notes just don't convey all the important nuances that conversation can. I should have left a note: TAKE THE LEFT OVERS TO WORK.

I needed to think back to when I was working shift work, multiple jobs, and how we made it work. I think he ate on his own. My worry is that it is so easy to get take-out. Yup, I am that lazy. My recent salvation is that I am usually asleep by 8:30 pm, so there is no nighttime snacking. I need to get back into what we did when I was working those crazy hours, planning meals out for the week, including left-over days.

I keep a stock of homemade veggie soup in the fridge so that if I want to snack or am lazy or exhausted and don't have time to make dinner (work +gym+cooking dinner +eating+cleanup = 9:30 pm), soup was an easy and healthy alternative (need to check the sodium in the recent batches). Lately, DH was trying to be helpful by suggesting I eat the soup. Unfortunately, it was THE suggestion EVERY time something was suggested. I know he was trying to be helpful, but it wasn't because that was my backup plan.

Recently, we bought some crusted (gasp!!) fish filets. I could eat fish every day, and that is my plan. I meant them for us, for dinner on the weekend. But I can slap one of those bad boys on a lunch plate (oven safe!) and toss it in the oven while I jump in the shower either after my yoga class or after my run. Bam, dinner is served, accompanied by a salad (which I am prepping a ton of for DH to take to work), or my cauliflower pizza. I found a new recipe I like: The newest healthy pizza.  It makes enough so I can eat half and save the other half for the next day, or if we eat together, its taken care off. I need to check the cheese content and make sure its enough and not too much protein.

Trying to get DH to understand protein control was hard. Especially when it came to my protein intake. Its not his fault, most people don't realize cheese is protein, eggs are protein, and that eating them all in the same day is way too much along with all the other meals. I have heard much worse from some other wives (I'd say spouses, but none of my male spouse friends have mentioned this problem). He is helping me by sharing a single cut of steak. Having a scale and my MF chart of protein by weight really helps. So does he, by being open minded. Chicken we tend to just eat one breast each. I did the weight with that and was basically cutting a tip off. If I saved 5 tips, I might have a meal, but it got to be too much of a hassle.

I started making my MF soup for the day all at once in a pot on the stove. It was a suggestion I took from the TSFL boards about boil-over. Not to mention my bowls are being ruined by making the soups in the microwave. And I am very, very tired of the chicken soup blowing up every single time I make it thereby losing most of my food and adding cleaning the entire microwave, again, to my schedule.

The Kegarator is up and working. Not celebrating was anticlimactic so I had some. At least it was light beer, and I used a juice glass. Which brings me to another point. I have decided to go back to the TSFL support page and log my food, exercise, and boo-boos in an effort to be more accountable. I figured that should show where I am eating wrong. Even downloaded the app for my phone. It is less than desirable, but if you don't eat special things like I do, which complicates matters, it should work fine. It  even celebrates for you when you drink water. Yay! But that gets old quickly when I try to add in my water at 32 increments at a time and am stopped by my Congrats! sign. I should get a Congrats, you didn't eat over your allotted calories yesterday! I think I would like that better. Or tiny musicians playing the "Celebrate" song, like in the commercial for an alternative to smoking. Celebrate! "One day at a time" or "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" "One Little Win to Another".

I came up with the idea of maybe doing dinner for breakfast. I have heard of families eating dinner at 7 am as a way to get the big meal out of the way. Right now it would be closer to 11 am, which is lunch time. DH's concern was, coffee then lunch? It would take some getting used to. I mentioned trying it next week, to get some planning in. Fish was the big factor, fish right after coffee. But if I get up (I am usually up around 7 or 8 am) I can make eggs (every day, that would get boring!) and that will be my Lean for the day. The issue is of course him being able to eat that early in his day. Oh well, it was an idea.

Back to the exercising. I used to get on the treadmill pretty early to get it out of the way. With him sleeping in for this shift change, that goes out the window. The treadmill is next to the bed and I need some serious music and bright light when I am on the treadmill. It crossed my mind to go out and run, but its till pretty cold out with the wind whipping. Yeah, I am like that, which is why I have a treadmill. The idea was I couldn't use the weather as an excuse.

I had planned to walk ever day that I was not running, as you will recall from an earlier blog. It was working for a little while. And I started doing it again prior to my most recent running attempt. But it was just easier to stay on the couch justifying my inactivity by thinking, if I am going to get changed to get on the treadmill, I might as well be running. And on the couch I stayed. Anyone else have this problem?

My first day back into running I decided to walk punctuated with 2 minute stints of running. It amounted to 2 minutes walking, 2 running, and continued in that alternating fashion. It felt good. Second attempt I decided to get out my spent Week 1 sheet of my Couch2 5K program. As you will remember, I made it to Week 4. I figured, start out at the easy and work my way along, no point in hurting myself. I never once thought of it is dropping down a few rungs, or starting all over again, which are both quite negative and only occurred to me while writing this. I actually see it as taking a step to the side. I already succeeded by starting, again.  Everything else is cake. And since I had been to Week 4, this is just the intro.

Week 1, Day 1 (Take 5????? ugh, I am going to ignore this point) was not too shabby. The constant change every minute and a half or so was a pain. But I felt the burn described in similar circuit training, one of which I just read in a running article. It was suggested either faster-slower-faster or high incline-low incline-high incline. I believe the reason we were able to get this treadmill free, other than the generousness of the donor, was that the incline was broken. It is either in an incline position and won't move or won't incline. I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially since this is a bottom of the bottom line anyway, and I don't want it to fall apart while I fiddle with it. If I need incline, I will go to the gym or trade babysitting time for use on someone else's treadmill.

So I have jumped back on the exercise bandwagon, although it feels more like I am pulling a cart than being carted along. What are your hard spots with sticking with the program?