Monday, February 11, 2013

Back on the Wagon, or Pulling the Cart

This one is out of order. It was scheduled to post on 2/11/13. I can see it still, but it is sitting in draft. Oops!

It's been a while since I last blogged. I had thought up some pretty funny entries while on the treadmill over the past few weeks and had I written them, my participation in exercise might not have lagged. But I didn't, and it has.

I can't say exactly what motivated me back into running. It might have been my belly budging in the way of my yoga poses. In the recesses of my mind it was that my new jeans don't fit and I have muffin top. The want to to eat carbs had surfaced, carbs I so easily shunned not long ago. It might have been that I hear DH is losing weight while I am slowly gaining. I ran out of my diet food, but that is no plausible excuse for my eating and sodium intake. I didn't gain for 6 months, so something has changed.

It was my portion control. Control in general, really.

Since DH came home and started shift work our meals have been a hodgepodge of us trying to fit time in together or me figuring out food acceptable for possibly cold-eaten leftovers. As it turns out, my planning was for naught because he was taking sandwiches. Sheesh. And on top of that, I was leaving the leftovers for him to eat, and he wasn't. He probably figured I was going to eat them. Communication break down when one is sleeping during the other's work day and notes just don't convey all the important nuances that conversation can. I should have left a note: TAKE THE LEFT OVERS TO WORK.

I needed to think back to when I was working shift work, multiple jobs, and how we made it work. I think he ate on his own. My worry is that it is so easy to get take-out. Yup, I am that lazy. My recent salvation is that I am usually asleep by 8:30 pm, so there is no nighttime snacking. I need to get back into what we did when I was working those crazy hours, planning meals out for the week, including left-over days.

I keep a stock of homemade veggie soup in the fridge so that if I want to snack or am lazy or exhausted and don't have time to make dinner (work +gym+cooking dinner +eating+cleanup = 9:30 pm), soup was an easy and healthy alternative (need to check the sodium in the recent batches). Lately, DH was trying to be helpful by suggesting I eat the soup. Unfortunately, it was THE suggestion EVERY time something was suggested. I know he was trying to be helpful, but it wasn't because that was my backup plan.

Recently, we bought some crusted (gasp!!) fish filets. I could eat fish every day, and that is my plan. I meant them for us, for dinner on the weekend. But I can slap one of those bad boys on a lunch plate (oven safe!) and toss it in the oven while I jump in the shower either after my yoga class or after my run. Bam, dinner is served, accompanied by a salad (which I am prepping a ton of for DH to take to work), or my cauliflower pizza. I found a new recipe I like: The newest healthy pizza.  It makes enough so I can eat half and save the other half for the next day, or if we eat together, its taken care off. I need to check the cheese content and make sure its enough and not too much protein.

Trying to get DH to understand protein control was hard. Especially when it came to my protein intake. Its not his fault, most people don't realize cheese is protein, eggs are protein, and that eating them all in the same day is way too much along with all the other meals. I have heard much worse from some other wives (I'd say spouses, but none of my male spouse friends have mentioned this problem). He is helping me by sharing a single cut of steak. Having a scale and my MF chart of protein by weight really helps. So does he, by being open minded. Chicken we tend to just eat one breast each. I did the weight with that and was basically cutting a tip off. If I saved 5 tips, I might have a meal, but it got to be too much of a hassle.

I started making my MF soup for the day all at once in a pot on the stove. It was a suggestion I took from the TSFL boards about boil-over. Not to mention my bowls are being ruined by making the soups in the microwave. And I am very, very tired of the chicken soup blowing up every single time I make it thereby losing most of my food and adding cleaning the entire microwave, again, to my schedule.

The Kegarator is up and working. Not celebrating was anticlimactic so I had some. At least it was light beer, and I used a juice glass. Which brings me to another point. I have decided to go back to the TSFL support page and log my food, exercise, and boo-boos in an effort to be more accountable. I figured that should show where I am eating wrong. Even downloaded the app for my phone. It is less than desirable, but if you don't eat special things like I do, which complicates matters, it should work fine. It  even celebrates for you when you drink water. Yay! But that gets old quickly when I try to add in my water at 32 increments at a time and am stopped by my Congrats! sign. I should get a Congrats, you didn't eat over your allotted calories yesterday! I think I would like that better. Or tiny musicians playing the "Celebrate" song, like in the commercial for an alternative to smoking. Celebrate! "One day at a time" or "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" "One Little Win to Another".

I came up with the idea of maybe doing dinner for breakfast. I have heard of families eating dinner at 7 am as a way to get the big meal out of the way. Right now it would be closer to 11 am, which is lunch time. DH's concern was, coffee then lunch? It would take some getting used to. I mentioned trying it next week, to get some planning in. Fish was the big factor, fish right after coffee. But if I get up (I am usually up around 7 or 8 am) I can make eggs (every day, that would get boring!) and that will be my Lean for the day. The issue is of course him being able to eat that early in his day. Oh well, it was an idea.

Back to the exercising. I used to get on the treadmill pretty early to get it out of the way. With him sleeping in for this shift change, that goes out the window. The treadmill is next to the bed and I need some serious music and bright light when I am on the treadmill. It crossed my mind to go out and run, but its till pretty cold out with the wind whipping. Yeah, I am like that, which is why I have a treadmill. The idea was I couldn't use the weather as an excuse.

I had planned to walk ever day that I was not running, as you will recall from an earlier blog. It was working for a little while. And I started doing it again prior to my most recent running attempt. But it was just easier to stay on the couch justifying my inactivity by thinking, if I am going to get changed to get on the treadmill, I might as well be running. And on the couch I stayed. Anyone else have this problem?

My first day back into running I decided to walk punctuated with 2 minute stints of running. It amounted to 2 minutes walking, 2 running, and continued in that alternating fashion. It felt good. Second attempt I decided to get out my spent Week 1 sheet of my Couch2 5K program. As you will remember, I made it to Week 4. I figured, start out at the easy and work my way along, no point in hurting myself. I never once thought of it is dropping down a few rungs, or starting all over again, which are both quite negative and only occurred to me while writing this. I actually see it as taking a step to the side. I already succeeded by starting, again.  Everything else is cake. And since I had been to Week 4, this is just the intro.

Week 1, Day 1 (Take 5????? ugh, I am going to ignore this point) was not too shabby. The constant change every minute and a half or so was a pain. But I felt the burn described in similar circuit training, one of which I just read in a running article. It was suggested either faster-slower-faster or high incline-low incline-high incline. I believe the reason we were able to get this treadmill free, other than the generousness of the donor, was that the incline was broken. It is either in an incline position and won't move or won't incline. I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially since this is a bottom of the bottom line anyway, and I don't want it to fall apart while I fiddle with it. If I need incline, I will go to the gym or trade babysitting time for use on someone else's treadmill.

So I have jumped back on the exercise bandwagon, although it feels more like I am pulling a cart than being carted along. What are your hard spots with sticking with the program?

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