Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Couch 2 5K Week One, you are going down!

I really need the Tommyknocker's technology to write my blogs. I came up with some killer titles and some good lead ins today after my run but I am coming up short now. 

Day 2 Week 1 of Couch2 5K

Much easier than all the other times I have tried to restart. My shins hurt after Day 1 and again today. Didn't run until 5ish, which was followed by a shower, cooking, eating, cleaning up the kitchen, and some updating of another one of my blogs. I am pretty exhausted now, but needed to jot this one off. I was bored and ready for it to be over at 14 minutes and I had that side cramping again but I made it all the way through. Still fairly easy. Thank goodness. **rolling my eyes**

For the past few weeks of my scarlet letter affair behind the treadmill's back, I have been mapping out routes to run around the neighborhood and those surrounding. I figured if I tired I can see if the treadmill is causing my shins to hurt. Worth a shot, right? I might try this on Thursday. 

I did not make it to my Tai Chi class today and I think that threw everything else off. I took the time to write up a novel review for another set of blogs, so at least that is out of the way. I also updated some info in that one, it was way out of date. But I felt like I was in limbo all day. I did get another YA novel read, not a particular upbeat one, which didn't help with the limbo feeling, ate all my MF meals, and did not snack once!

I made 5 chicken soup packets in a kettle on the stove and ate from that slowly through out the day. Dinner was crusted (gasp) tilapia or some other plan acceptable white fish and a giant salad. I am actually pretty proud I didn't snack at all today or tonight. 

I did change things up a bit. I ran much later than I usually do. I was listening to podcasts while cooking dinner and backing my brownie chocolate chip cookies for another day's set of meals instead of listening to and then sitting down to watch the TV. 

I even succeeded in not getting hungry when DH came home around 10pm and ate his very odoriferous (savory smelling) dinner. Unfortunately, as I type this I am thinking of a snack. It has now been about 3 or 4 hours since dinner. As I am on the every 2 hour schedule, it is no wonder. But I am full and so it is a mute point. 

I went on the TSFL chat and had a nice chat about cruise behavior. I tend to get really strict on the cruise, she let her self go but was strict otherwise. We both like foofy fancy drinks. Glad I am not the only one! 

Time for bed. Couch 2 5K Week 1, you are going down! One day of you left and I am going to stomp you into the ground. 

For the gunners out there, any advice on shin splints? 

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