Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going Raw

Ok, so it was more an accident today, but I have tossed the idea around. Tonight I made soup intended for dinner tomorrow and then decided to stay in tonight. The soup did not have time to cook the veggies all the way thought.  The crunch was amazing and while the flavors hadn't melded yet, each one of the vegetable flavors was distinct and new. I tried a prepared broccoli slaw and it was wonderful. That is really where the crunch came from. Usually I add some cabbage at the very end for the crunch but the broccoli added a great flavor. It’s really going to be amazing tomorrow.

I have heard of the benefits of raw and if adding some more raw veggies into my diet of cooked meat is beneficial, then why not? I was going to start with smoothies, going on a blender bender. Unfortunately, almost all the recipes I found call for fruit (natural sweetener, flavor, and fiber) which  I can't have on this diet, say nothing of the dates I have been slowly eating for the past few weeks. I know, I know, but I don't have the heart to throw that money away. Of the ones that I found which did not include fruit, they had some weird ingredients. Weird, as in I had never heard of them and had to think of where specialty or Asian food markets might be. This was a big deterrent, I won't lie. If I am going to drop some serious moola on 10 ingredients that I only use 1 teaspoon a pop on, I need to be able to use it for something else. That proved slightly more difficult. Especially trying to convince myself that I could eat just this one type of smoothie until the items are gone. Eh, I still haven't tried it. But I am keeping the option open and in the back of my mind. Anyone have a favorite raw smoothie recipe or site they want to share?

Despite my enthusiasm last Tuesday, published on Wednesday, my Day 3 should have been on Thursday and wasn't. I had an invite with some friends to go out Wednesday night, and it was a seriously late night, but fun and a bonding experience. I did go to Tai Chi in the morning, managed to miss the warm up because I was so exhausted. Bad form, bad form. During the low crouching move one of my knees started to seriously hurt. I expected the worse. Might have taken a pain reliever, but went on with my day. A friend needed a ride to buy a car and I stayed since I had nothing else to do. My run could happen at night while dinner was cooking-fish, yum! While sitting there, just after it was realized she had no payment from the bank but got it faxed over just before the office closed (don't ask), I felt confident I could leave. Not that I needed to be there, but I just had that feeling..........And then a slight panic set in. I had a social coffee to be at at 6pm. It was 5 then. I had enough time to drive home, beat rush hour traffic, put on decent not work out clothes and head over there to be a bit late. By the time I got home I was exhausted from the last 24 hours, having eating almost nothing-yeah, I was out of the house almost the whole day so no water either-and was hungry.

Thursday was Valentines Day. We never go out because most of the world is trying to not cook on that day and it's just a madhouse. As it turns out, DH was home early and we were both starving. Unfortunately nothing was planned because he wasn't expecting to be home at a decent hour to eat. Since the day was a bust anyway, I decided to brave this tiny pizzeria down the street. We missed the mad rush but created out own an hour before closing, three other families came in also. We both got a pasta dish, although I was eyeing the eggplant parmigiana. The pasta was cooked perfectly, the sauce very nice. But two bites in and I was done. I am over pasta. That isn't to say I didn't clean the plate, because I did. Yes, we all know I am weak. But talk about a non-scale victory battle before loss of the war, I didn't want to continue with the rest of the dish. I didn't shovel it in. I ate slowly, thoughtfully, having a nice discussion with my husband. I was so full I didn't eat breakfast at work the next day until lunch time.  Needless to say, the treadmill was out and surprisingly, I didn't gain any weight from that dinner.

I had plans Friday, so no run there either. I was tempted to on Saturday, but I learned from the painful knee experience not to push it too much since Sunday is Day 1 of the next week. I did get on the treadmill today. I actually busted through a few of the time stops running-kick ass! But having only run 2 days this week on Week 1, I can't move on, just on principle. It was pretty easy today. I did get that pesky side cramp but not until after minute 20 or so. Not too shabby. I even added in 10 crunches and 10 pushups to my normal routine. I haven't talked about that, at least not in a few months so it will be a later topic. The time it takes me to stretch, run, do the exercises, and stretch again, is going on past 2 hours of time. I was thinking today of maybe moving some of it to my walking days, but then I thought about how I haven't been walking. I need to get into a routine here.

When I do walk on the treadmill, it's either to music, reading a book, or  I put a board on the treadmill arms and set the computer to play my podcasts. I do have some on my iPod but I can't figure out how to get them to just cycle through. I don't think it's possible and it is very annoying to have to select the next while bouncing around. If any readers know how to get the pod casts to just go, I would love to hear it! Please comment.

Today I almost went outside to run. The day was a mess and I just wanted to get the run over with. If I was going outside, I would have to change my workout clothes, map my route, and then go. There are too many variables in there that could get me off track. Like opening up the internet, for one. Facebook invariably pops up somewhere and I get side tracked for hours.  Treadmill it was and so Week 1 Day 2 or rather Week 2 Day 1 is down. Sometimes I wonder if I should toss out the weekly calendar and start my running week on Tuesdays so successful Sundays get grandfathered in to the last week. Eh. Thoughts?

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