Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First 5 K !!!!!!!!!!!! and sidetracked with two bouts of illnesss

I have quite a bit to recap.

My schedule usually includes Yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights and Tai Chi on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, sometimes Friday mornings. It all depends on my work schedule and traffic. I tried to go on Saturday mornings, but it never happened.

I contracted a belly bug and waylaid for a week. This time I actually lost about 5 lbs. Sure, one week of minimal food, it's bound to happen, you say. But losing any amount of weight when sick is apparently taboo for my body. This inability to lose is quite a joke with some of my friends. If you have been reading this blog you know I never manage to lose anything, so this was a serious bug. That or I ate something off. I tend towards a bug as a friend also had something at about the same time.

I managed to go to Yoga on Monday of the waylaid week and the rest of the week was a horrible wash. I am so grateful I live where I have easy and constant access to a working toilet and some over the counter relief. Was I treating the symptoms, yes, but I needed to go to work and take care of my obligations afterward. Food was limited to brown rice, water, tea, my MF liquid foods, saltines, and a yogurt or two towards the end to help get healthy bacteria into my system. That was it. Maybe some scrambled eggs to test real food again.

It was during this time that I decided I might go back to doing Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. I am just not getting on the treadmill now that DH and my schedules are at odds.

Zumba is on the backburner at the moment because a friend form work gave me a Fitness Bootcamp Groupon to use and I let it go until it about expired.

I signed up and tried it on a Thursday. I was feeling ok until about Friday night dinner time, my shoulders and arms felt like they were being pulled into knots. I think it was all the bear crawling. I am glad for the opportunity but, man, do I feel out of shape. Actually, quite a few of the stages we did were based on yoga positions and moves, so I knew what and how to do it. The issue was holding it for so long, doing it uphill, or moving on my hands or arms while holding it. Thank goodness it's only an hour. I was quite a bit better than about three of the others. I tried to stay at the back/end to not slow the group down, but these three were holding me back on the stuff I actually could do. Oh well, best not to go crazy on the first day.

I had wanted to go back the next day, Friday, but I didn't make it over to that end of town in enough time to change, taking traffic into account. As it turns out, my arms, shoulders, and back were knotted up, as I said, so it is just as well. DH and I walked around some of the nearby subdivisions a few nights over the weekend, about a 2.5 mile loop.

Monday I missed the gym because of poor planning. DH and I took a museum tour and then went out to eat. I was supposed to go out to the gym earlier and got bogged down at the house. We must have eaten something off because I broke out in itchy hives all over my body and was horribly nauseous; had the trash can next to me just in case. I didn't have need but poor DH did. Definitely something we ate. I am sure I would have also been sick if I wasn't so worried about the hives. A bit of over the counter allergy medicine cleared it all up by morning. Strange that we both had a reaction at the same exact time. And thank goodness for two bathrooms just in case.

Now on to Tuesday. I can't remember the bootcamp schedule, Thursday might be abs or arms, Wednesday is legs, I know because I heard her say it and missed it with this head cold. Apparently, the first Tuesday of the month is 5 K day. I did not know this and ran errands after work instead of stretching beforehand. We did a couple of warm-ups, skipping, high knee, butt kicks, etc., while going around a circle in the park. My throat was killing me. I was hoping it was a sinus thing and just breathing through my mouth, but it is proving not. Just the warm up had me winded and exhausted.

When we started the run I figured I would have to end at the half way point where I dropped my water off. Didn't happen. Honestly, I hadn't run for quite a while and I had previously dropped back to my Week 1 of training for a 5 K. As a matter of fact, I turned around and tried to finish. Second half was mostly walking and I forgot my soar throat when everything else started hurting. But I finished! 48 minutes. I know, pathetic. I was dead last. Everyone else was already doing the final exercises, similar to what we started at, but at 50, 100, and 200 times.Yikes, these people are serious. But I am so glad I just did it. On the second loop I actually had to high step it to keep my feet from dragging, I tried to swing my arms to walk faster. I really felt like I was crawling but I never stopped. WoooHooo!

So now I know just how long a 5 K actually is. I mean, it's easy to think, to convert, to map on the websites, but until you do it, it's not so obvious. My shins hurt and the back of one knee hurt. Actually, I was envisioning what running the Disney Princess Run (half-marathon) would be like, it was my motivation to run to the next lamppost. I was not wearing my running shoes, which are almost to the point where I should toss them. So that may have been it. I am sure it was a great deal more towards the fact that I did not do my stretches ahead of time. If I can attempt a 5 K once a month, or until I build up to it as my "run," that would be great. I use quotes because, I am sure I said it before, I have a friend who walks faster than my treadmill "runs." It's more of a jogging/walking as my diet website exercise log offers as an option. My shins did not hurt has much as they used to. Maybe the time off helped. Hopefully if I can keep running on the road they will stop hurting all together.

I had originally planned after the bootcamp to get to the gym and get on the elliptical machine. After the run I thought maybe a bit of bike work so I could sit, haha. They were moving a equipment so that was a no-go. But I do keep seeing a hula class, I might try one of those. By the time I made it to the house one of my inner ears started to hurt along with my throat.

I was hoping to go to bootcamp and the gym today also. I took the day off from work and had planned to go to lunch with some friends. I slept until 11 am, which is crazy because I am usually up somewhere from 7 to 9 am, regardless of when I go to sleep. I went to lunch and felt so rundown. I got home and DH was still sleeping so I laid on the couch and watch some recorded shows. I managed to nap a bit on and off for 5 hours but the fact that I did not go outside into the sunlight and read is an eyeopener: I am fighting something.

I should have gone out when I was out for lunch because I never ended up on that part of town after my napping. After we ate dinner it was too late to go to the gym, even though they are probably still moving stuff.

I hope my day of doing almost nothing will help me recoup. I pulled out the echinacea (a former coworker used to swear by it), my vitamin C, and the only cold/flu stuff I had: sinus specific. I skipped the cold meds because I don't have any sinus problems or a cough. Too bad I only buy per need, but I just hate treating for symptoms I don't have at the time. It's pain in my throat and ear not insufferable coughing and nose running or congestion, although I'm much improved at the moment of writing this. So I took some pain reliever a few times and it seemed to help. Fingers crossed it's better tomorrow so I can go back to bootcamp and the gym.

Anyone else try these fitness bootcamps? What were your thoughts? Do it again? What about working out when sick? Do you power through it or take some time off so you don't infect the gym goers?

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  1. 5K is about 3 miles. Sure beats Week 1 of training!