Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back on, Update after lots of VACA, 3 Day Detox

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I was waffling in my workouts but was pretty much on track up to my cruise. I took a 2 week vacation to hang with a friend. She is pretty much sedentary and I was fighting a three hour time zone deficiency as well as my own laziness. Needless to say, I did not go out and walk all on my own, despite bringing sneaks and work out clothes. 

Her daughter did come home, and she is a "runner." But we didn't overlap enough. The pool was truly frigid and the hot tub, while wonderful, exhausting in its own right.

Then the week cruise. All in all, two weeks of only eating- stormy weather limited out snorkeling and swimming almost every day- I was only up 7 pounds. Dropped it the first week I was home. Yay. 

After that I was able to work on a project that gave me 40 hours in addition to me 20 hours. I had to take it, especially since we are thinking of buying a home here. I thought it would last a few weeks, "they" thought two weeks initially. At this point in time I have been there three months and we have quite a bit more to get through. My 20 hours was cut down to 10, so I am only working about 6 days a week instead of 7. The 40 project is not on campus so I can't do an hour here or there, I have to drive the hour down there and the hour back. So I relegate that craziness to the weekend unless a holiday or down day happens upon me. Actually, the project I had started prior to this 40 one popped up again and offered me 40 additional hours. 90 hours a week? Only if I can do it from home, in front of the TV, which I can! But it was put on hold for the moment.

The point in explaining all of this work is firstly, that my work out schedule went to pot. No morning Tai Chi, no nightime yoga, running is a joke-although I did get on the treadmill or walk out side for an hour. I need to also add that my hubby changed shifts so I can't get on the treadmill in the AM like I used to, and I skipped yoga to spend a few hours with him after I got home from work and before he left. We were able to eat my dinner, his breakfast together. I'll take that over leaving each other sticky notes and trying to write, No, I just made that, eat those left overs! Or, don't eat the left overs, its my dinner! Sheesh. I wanted to get on the treadmill after he left for work, but I was just exhausted by 9 pm.

I used to joke, as many of you know, that I my bedtime was 8 pm. Well, after this mind-numbing 40 project (I am grateful for the opportunity!) I was nodding off at 6pm. SIX PM!! I nodded off sitting outside and woke up in the dark. A few times I totally slept through dinner on my own. 

Something should be said about this heatwave. Temps are around 120 F, 100's well into the night, doping to the 95s F around 1 am. It would be 100 by 8 am on my drive in. I am sorry, but driving home I am soaked with sweat, trying to get outside for a walk was just so hard. Not to mention dangerous, but I drink 96 oz of water during the day (3 32 oz bottles), so I should be good there. Add it all together and the heat is just the icing on the cake of not happening. 

I did debate getting up supper early to get out for a walk. I don't get out of bed until I absolutely have to, it has always been that way but especially now when DH wants to watch movies into the night, or I if stayed up to 1 am for him to come home after work to talk to him about houses or bills or whatnot.

So, I am up a good 10, 10 + pounds now. I broke down and bought more diet food. I talked to my health coach through the diet plan and we both agreed the crazy hours are not helpful and if I can cut the salt the water weight will drop. I wanted to text her almost every day to complain. Because of where I work on this 40 project, I am basically in a hallway across from the "kitchen" where the microwave is. People heat up their lunch from 1030 am to 130 pm. I smell delic food the entire time! And sometimes a chick in the office next to my hallway (really, its a walkway into a larger partitioned room) heats up breakfast. So I smell "real" food 6 hours a day. :-( Sad panda face. Her reply of "stay strong" was really what I needed.

I tried a fruit and veggie cleanse a friend recommended.  She started a day before me and failed to be strict (the lunch shake was a bit "thick," as in solid), which did not help my resolve. I tried only smoothies for two days and then made one or two a day for the next few weeks until everything was used up. Not bad, but my body did not like the Zero Protein option. My health coach did not like it either, just not safe. In retrospect, I could have added tofu. I might do it next time around. But I think my blender, a throwback from college (what, 10 years ago already?) is about to burn up and was too small to take the Lunch smoothy. When I go back to part time work, I might permanently add it into my diet. Its just too much prep and cleanup time to get it in now. I tried, I really did. 

I actually stayed excited through the whole trial, despite DH saying it was "gross" and making "ooouagh" sounds, which is his version of vomit noises, only cuter, thank goodness. I'm not saying it was amazing, but I enjoyed it. 

Dr. Oz 3-day Detox
(photo from Dr. Oz Wesite)

Anyone else try a "detox"? How did it go?

Then we went on vaca a few weeks ago. All the walking helped me to not gain anymore, maybe a pound or two. But all the places we went, which I had found on travel comment websites, had almost no veggies. What are the chances?! I tried really hard to not eat the way overpriced processed food at the parks. But then we were starving by dinner and passed out right after. No pool time, no hot tub time at our hotel. What a waste. Oh well.

While I have said it before, it remains true: DH sitting at home (when he is home!) not going to the gym with me (like when we first started!), makes it so much harder for me to get dressed and go to the gym when I could be spending that precious time with him. 

We are very, you-time, me-time people. We are not an attached to the hip couple who needs to know where the other is all the time in our coupledom. But with his changing shift work and my 6-7 day work week, we try to be together as much as possible. You better not get bored of your Sig Other, because you have no idea how good you have it not having to communicate through only sticky notes and text messages (neither of us can talk at work, and he really can't text unless on "lunch")!!!!!!!!!

I know, it sounds like a million excuses. And they are, but they are all true and real. Its about 645p and I am falling asleep writing this. If he didn't sleep through the morning when it is cool, the treadmill would get so much more use. It truly a strange feeling to have motivation for something when its impossible. I did find another Y that has Tai Chi at 4pm. But I don't get out of work until 4, I can't get there until 420. By that point I missed warm up and if it is one thing I learned, I need the warm up or I pull something. Been there, done that. I was and still am very tempted to get up earlier to get out earlier to get in to Tai Chi. But we all know how that will end.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to pick up and drive my coworker. He can't access the work site without me. Total bummer.

So here we sit in the AC, watch TV, well, he is watching I am typing and updating all my blogs, not going to yoga.  Sigh. 

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