Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Throw back jams, two years ago ? Tues. Day 10

** Ok, I found this is my drafts folder and have no idea when or where it is from. This must have been....two years ago, when I first started???? It is in no way finished but I figured I should publish it anyway. Why not? (proof that not much changes...)

Already I am getting lazy with this blog. Perhaps it is time to go back to updates only.

Still "starving" at every half hour but I think if I brink in some soda or mixes and not just depend on water I can get through it. I don't know if its the flavor or what. But it worked today

I am in love with the pudding and soft serve ice cream. Chix noodle is my fav soup out of my two options. Its super saltiness helps me drink me three glasses of water at lunch times.

Water is divided into 8 of 8oz. I have a bottle that is 28 oz which I count as 24. One bottle between breakfast and lunch (plus my coffee), one at lunch, and one in afternoon. After lunch my schedule always falls to pieces. Not hungry, not thirsty, just trying to get to a stopping point in work to leave at the proper time. This lack of food obsession, which is bad anyway, then makes me starving on the drive home and that equals take-out. Instantaneous gratification. Clean kitchen. No dishes. What's the negative???? I actually lost weight and got in really good shape when hubbs was deployed and all I ate was Thai and Chinese food. The disclaimer is that it was always the more healthy choices because of my IBS. Still!

As I figured, fries on the way out, not as good as in. Tried an Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar, really good. Much better than I expected.

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