Saturday, September 7, 2013

A nice walk before soup for dinner

I cooked the soup described in the last post. Then ran (drove) to the library to exchange some books and got home in time for DH to come home from work.

He did not want to run. He was tired from work, from the long drive home. Just wanted to eat and relax. But if he didn't run he would have to get up early in the morning and that really isn't a reality. 

Sound familiar? It should, it's what I say all the time. It sounded so strange coming from him. While I have heard him complain a few times throughout the years, that's it.

Watching him getting ready for a run, I was motivated to go outside for a walk instead of inside on the treadmill, which rarely happens despite best of intentions. And he came with me! We had a nice 2.5 to 3 mile walk around the neighboring developments at a pretty good clip. My breathing was labored, was having a bit of trouble talking, and towards the end I could feel the burn in my bum and upper thighs.

The flowers and bushes were in bloom and the sun was about to set, it was really nice. The temperature was still pretty warm but compared to a month ago, or a few hours had it not been so overcast, it was pleasant.

We came in and turn the soup on to warm up a bit. I had tofu as the protein but was so excited to try the soup that I had nearly forgotten until the second bowl.

The soup did turn out to have red (purple, really) broth from the cabbage leaching. It was pretty amusing but, man, did it taste good! The flavor was absolutely amazing. I am sure it was from the sautéing I don't give any credit to, and am really quite impressed.

And I am glad to share, I am already planning my walk tomorrow!

(all photos available via google search)

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