Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recipes and pictures to come!

I have had some serious internal motivation to work out. Actually, I had some serious external motivation- my pants no long fit. Muffin top is the positive of it. The shame in it is that when I bought those pants I could have bought a smaller size but decided against it, now I am a size up. Bummer. So the skinny soup is on!

I decided to move this blog away from the negative and onto the positive. Since my life revolves around food, I should post a bit about that. At the moment, my photos are limited. I don't usually think about taking photos of stuff unless it looks amazing. Usually we just dig in. Or take amazing photos, usually it's me balancing whatever in one hand and trying to get my cell to capture what I am seeing in bad lighting, or fuzzy, or the inexpensive digi camera is just not getting the flash right.

So look forward to some recipe trials for better or worse. And please don't be turned off if it doesn't look so hot. Usually, the food tastes really, really good. Or at least is a good alternative for something I shouldn't be eating until I get back into running.

Speaking of that, we finally got the paperwork set up so the gym membership is up to date and we can use it. He has a PT test coming up and is balls to the wall. Not that I am anyone to talk, looking at the crap I eat and that I am up 20 lbs (but holding steady for a while, take that pants!), but I have been on him to go to the gym with me. Not only does it help me to go and not sit around and eat with him (dinner right after work), but it helps him to keep up with it since there isn't really a SQ PT program set up here. Sometimes it's in the AM, or afternoon, or PM after work, not at the moment. And he is on shift work a few days off from my work week, so his weekend might fall in my workout week. He doesn't want to work out on his days off. I totally get that. But if things get busy, he isn't necessarily working out at work either. Hence, the gym. So it comes down to, he doesn't want to work out twice. I get that too. But it helps to motivate me!!!! ME! The important one here. haha.

Part of my need to work out now is to handle stress. Part of my recent bad eating is stress.

Not really stress from work,

but from the drive there and back. Las Vegas has some of the worst drivers, it was in the news paper! Recently I heard about The Rant, a spot on the local new station, where people can complain about things going on around here or in the news in general. I am tempted to complain about the drivers. Unfortunately, if I try to take side roads it can add 30 more minutes up to 1.5 hours of drive time one way. If it rains, these side roads, while still major arteries at three lanes plus turn lanes, will flood and dismantle cars trying to ford it Oregon Trail style.  DH even saw a F-250 bobbing upside down. It's no joke. The highway system in the rain can be just as dangerous, slamming on breaks is not exactly going to stop you when the roads are wet. Even dry, the highway inches during rush hour. But even inching I can get home, or to my area, within 30 minutes. It is just crazy stressful. No turn signals, getting cut off, people cutting people off causing multiple car pile ups, no one allowing the entrance ramp people to merge. The list goes on...

I could change up my schedule to avoid rush hour, but then if I have a question, no one else is there at work. At the moment, the recent project needs input and debating from a number of people.

The good news is I will have a gym buddy if I go in the morning, which then has me having to stay later at work, to make that crazy drive worth it.  So maybe I will go a few days in the am with her and then go after work a few nights. We have two gyms nearby, she lives a bit down the street, maybe a 10 minute drive away. Either way, the point is while I lost my other gym buddy, and hang out partner for after my gym visit, I have someone new. Actually, she is old, one of the first people I "met" here and both looking for gym partners. Times just didn't line up back then. I might actually add a trainer in to help me start using the machines. I know how, but maybe paying for it will get me to use it also.

So let's raise our glasses of water to a new routine and some good food!

(all photos taken from a google search)


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