Thursday, November 14, 2013

A treadmill with fur

Tanner day 1We have a dog!!!
My friend Des's sweet little boy has severe asthma and the dog was making it much, much worse. The doctor told her it was best to rehome the dog for the sake of his breathing and I saw her post his picture on a few facebook pages. 
We had already planned to foster a rescue dog and figured now was a good time. I contacted her and she was very forthcoming with the pros and the cons of his personality. Great with kids and dogs, stays in the crate, only like soft toys. 
Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, is a staple at this house so we knew we had to take him for a walk. Living on base, Des's house was the perfect location. As soon as we stepped onto the sidewalk kids went whizzing by, strange noises came from bikes or scooters, cars drove right next to us and through it all  he was unfazed. Great.
Getting him home was fine. To cement the relationship between dog and man, as we were told he follows Des around (and therefore probably me also), I had DH take him for a walk while I unpacked his stuff from the truck. It was at this time I managed to lose control of the full dog bowl and toss it all over the inside of the truck and out on to the driveway. What a mess. At least it was dry. The dog did not want to walk without me (aw!) but he did just fine.
So the idea at the moment is I will walk the dog when I get home from work and DH will walk when he gets home at 8 am. I'm bored with the gym, mostly tired after working all day (see other post on the semantics debate) and with it being so dark at night. With the dog I have to walk him. It's like the commercial, a treadmill with fur. It was a cute ad to adopt a dog.  And he walks just fine so far even with the other dogs being walked after work. 

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