Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baby it’s cold outside!

Well, I’ll tell ya’, it really is getting cold outside. I have seen photos of snow dustings from friends in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and New Hartford, New York, and doors each covered in a sheet of ice in Dayton, Ohio. 

So far as yet a sweatshirt has sufficed. I had to switch out my flip flops for socks and sneakers, but that was about it. Tonight I really should have worn a jacket to break this terrible gusting wind pummeling me as I walked the dog. It really was so forceful we had to bring the flag inside, and most of the decorations. The umbrella was blown into the pool! We fished it out but it was still so windy today that I couldn’t open it up to dry the inside. I flipped it over to dry more flaps and a gallon of water must have fallen from the folds.

I’m going to have to get my barn coat out and change out my fashion sweatshirt for a real one. Red ears need earmuffs or a warm cap and the neck is naked without scarf. I may not like decorating for the winter holidays before my birthday (in mid-November!) but I do like breaking out the mittens and scarves! I will even admit to (website) window shopping for fashionable coats. 

Baby it’s cold outside!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drunk History – Cracks me up! And keeps me un-drunk

And by crack up I mean laugh out loud across the house funny. I’m literally cackling. Some poor kid is going to walk down the street and think there is a witch living in this house. I just can’t express how much pure enjoyment I get out of the way the sketch is fit around the speaker’s words. 

So the premise is someone learns the history of a subject (jazz) or person (Johnny Cash) etc., and then recounts what they learned as they slowly get inebriated. The mostly monologue-Derek Waters also “drinks” and has some comments throughout-is broken up by sketches visualizing what the speaker is saying, exactly what they are saying, or singing, or burping. HILARIOUS. And it gets better and better as the person goes from buzzed to drunk to trashed. Not everyone gets that bad. But you learn the whole time! And it isn’t dry or boring because the drunk person really gets into the parts, sometimes doing voices, and then actors in the skits (more like movie quality, really) mouth the words to the exact cadence of the speaker. 

Actually, the funniest thing is that these speakers talk just like me, young(ish), hip(ish), but totally down to earth. “Like, no, we still have work to do here, no…Segregation sucks.” There are expletives dropped so it might not be for everyone. But it is really so funny when you are watching the sketch and a cuss word pops out of the mouth of someone dressed in 18th century clothing. It’s like, whao!

This is after all HISTORY. Most of the time, it is the untold stories. The rest of what you might have learned in school. Take the first episode I saw, it focused on Claudette Colvin, a 15 year old pregnant girl who refused to give up her seat on a bus well before Rosa Parks was made famous for it. But this girl was dark skinned, and pregnant without marriage, so while the NAACP bailed her out of jail, they passed on using her as a role model for the movement. Did you know that? Did you know anything about her? I sure did not. So not only did I get a laugh from the random drunk comments portrayed by the actors, but I learned something. 

After I saw the episode I heard an interview on NPR, ‘DrunkHistory’ Serves An Educational Cocktail, With Comedic Twist, and I just had to record the show and watch as much as I could get my history loving eyeballs on. And no matter how many I see, or if it is a repeat, I have to watch it. Who doesn’t want to laugh for 30 mins to an hour? The facial expressions of these actors as they play out the dialogue is priceless in and of itself.

Definitely check it out. Even if it is just for the cameos, like Jack Black. 

I will admit, seeing how crazy sick drunk some of the speakers are, I definitely don't want to drink. Not at all. So this show is saving me tons of empty calories. And therefore, it deserves a spot on my diet blog.  Anything help you not to eat or drink unneeded empty calories?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween without candy!

Well, we passed out candy. But we didn't eat any! How about that?

This was mostly because DH is on shift work and I was out of town for most of the month. So we didn't have any candy corn or the yummy like sitting around the house. The candy we hand out is stored in a spare room, in a drawer-out of sight, out of mind. (By accident, really.) And it was all left over from last year so no temptations this year.

I might have been temped to buy something last minute after I flew home but I have a terrible head cold, so any chance of leaving the house was nipped in the bud. For the better, I think.

Here is a picture of the dog dressed up and ready to hand out candy... actually he is bored during a lull between groups of kids.

One delicious temptation that made its way into the house is pumpkin pie flavored coffee creamer! Yum! DH bought it special for me because he knows I love pumpkin. But I am so terribly allergic to it that I painfully remembered why flavored creamer has been banned in the house. Poor guy completely forgot to look at the ingredients, it has been so long since I have been sick. The generally purchased flavored creamers have hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. A big no-no for me. I was belly sick for a whole day and a half from two cups of coffee worth. Back to almond milk for me. I could have real dairy, but almond milk has less calories. So DH has to suffer using that delicious creamer until it is gone. Haha

But boy, was it yummy. I should look to see if there are any made without the oils. I did see a great, healthy way via Sparkpeople. It uses canned pumpkin filling and spice (which I do use now). Check it out Fat Free Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exhausted here and thanks for checking the blog!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my followers and habitual blog readers. I know I am way behind my once a week posting. A few edits here and there and little bit less time available on my weekends, and now I have a million drafts in various forms that are not publishable. 
Add in some travel, shift work up until 2 am and then awake again four hours later for 6 am (a few extra shifts, for better or worse, but the money is always welcome), plus extracurricular activities and I just keep running out of time. I know I should just jot off something quick each week, and I do try. Sometimes they just keep going and so I try to split them off or combine similar themes, and they away they go into the drafts folder.
I do have a new phone, so hopefully I can access the blog on the go and get a bit more out for you all. Recently, I have been dealing with phone issues, about a month of serious switching back and forth, work as I said, and being just plain run down. A friend and colleague said I have been burning the candle at both ends, but today while walking the dog I decided I have burned it clear through to ash. It is 6 pm and I am going to bed without dinner for the second night in a row, I am so exhausted. I did the full out head bob all day long.
But I wanted get out a thank you to all my readers and to anyone who might randomly pop by and a bit of an explanation of why it has been such a while for the posts. I have one editing around in my head, I just need to get it typed. 
So thank you, and be on the look out for more blogs and cheeky comments once I can catch up on my sleep. Thanks for understanding and sweet dreams!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Eat My Shorts

It was O'Dark30 when I was awoken from my slumber to the sounds of the dog chewing something in the bedroom as he lay somewhere near my side of the bed.

He has allergies, so I hoped he was just chewing on his paws. I wasn't conscious enough to realize the sounds didn't match.

Somehow later on the conversation comes up about what I heard and how DH found the empty toilet paper roll I had left on the floor to take down to recycle in the morning, eaten, or shredded.

Apologies all around, no big deal. The dog had food, so no idea why he chose to eat it that night and not any other night one might have been left previously; it is a mystery. DH theorized that he might have been bored; to which I wonder why the dog didn't just move around the house and play with his real toys.

Fast forward to later in the day or the day after...

I go to put on the only khaki shorts I currently own (pay no attention to the two pair waiting to be repaired in my office...). As I bend down to retrieve them from the floor (yes, yes, I know...) I see one of the belt loops has pulled out.

As I am thinking that I have never used a belt with this shorts before and so one loop out is no big deal, I realize that they feel a bit odd on....specifically the chewed parts. At the waist. Ugh.

The dog ate my shorts. They were clearly folded in half when the jaws clamped down and, not surprising, the dog probably laid on them to chew the TP roll. Ugh. Double Ugh.

I debated pulling a shirt over them, but the Jaws bite was too low to even keep the shorts up over my hips. So that thought was discarded quickly. I just had to toss them, well worn, Walmart special, that they were.

Of course, I had to tell DH, who figured they could be knock around house shorts and also thought the dog ate them by accident. Into the trash they went.  The shorts, not the dog and DH. I have running shorts to wear around the house...

I can't believe he ate my shorts. I hope every Pop Culture reference is also running through your head every time you read that the dog had decided to Eat My Shorts. 

Well, it should teach me to not put the clothes next to the drawer where they need to go but to actually bend down and put them back in said drawer. I didn't even bother to "ask" the dog if he recalled eating the fabric I might have held up to him to search for clues on "guilt." It was clearly an accident, or they would have been shredded also, and not just one the fold...amounting to two on opposite sides.

I just had to share because it was too funny. I thought about taking a picture to show ya'll, but space is limited and I think you get the picture. I might as well add, the bites were on the back love handles, nothin' is gonna hold up against gravity there.

Moral of the story: put your clothes away because you never know what chain of events will lead up to include the one and only thing on the floor. Especially when they are your only pair of khaki shorts, and only one of three total that fit you!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Complements at the gym

So I'm at the gym on a machine and this trainer I chat with occasionally popped her head around and said I was looking great.

Hey, hey! The truth is I am actually up a 5er or maybe even a10 spot, for a total of 30 to 40 up since I stopped running. Gah.

I must have looked incredulous while graciously thanking her because she dove into an explanation.

It is not only the scale or how your clothes feel because things move around all the time based on what you eat, when, and how much water, and when, stress, etc. You might not see it because you see you every day.

She finished with, just keep doing what you are doing, because it is working, girl!

I don't know about that, but hey, I was really nice to hear! Especially since we've chatted over a year now. Maybe my diet change up is helping. Or maybe I had a face on that said, I need a pick-me-up.

Either way, she took time out of her day to let me know I'm lookin' good. And that made me feel great.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When the pup is hurt, the world must wait

A while back, at some point the dog started favoring his back foot. By favoring I mean he was lifting it up and not walking on it. Toe-touching.

I couldn't find anything in his paw or leg that made him whimper or that looked like it would cause him to limp, such as a thorn or stone. He wouldn't go up or down the stairs unless I was there for a while, such as upstairs to sleep, or downstairs for the day. Mostly, he stayed on one of the platforms near the stairs where he could look out onto the first floor. This was a red flag because he is my shadow.

Eventually, when he kept the paw off the ground, leg tucked up to his belly, while standing in the house, not just walking around outside, we took him in to get checked out.

The vet needed to do X-Rays to be sure but he out right asked if the limping started out after a trip to a dog park. We said no, no dog parks recently, and Dr. Sean explained that knee problems like this one, which he was willing to bet money on that it was the knee and not the paw or leg, usually are injuries that happen at dog parks from over-extension.

The X-Rays showed very little, thank goodness. Dr Sean told us seeing that was a good sign because there wasn't much inflammation under the skin; the bones looked just fine. Unfortunately, the dog was freaking out by then and would have needed to have been put under to have a full knee manipulation, just to be sure. We forewent the extra work as surgery was a 90% necessity. I love our vet because even though our location is a hospital, he told us on the sly about another hospital that his friend works at...but we had to promise to come back to ours after, no switching teams. Our dog is too large for the surgeon at our location, this other vet only likes working on small dogs. So they would send us to their sister facility...  and so we had a cost estimate for both places.

I also love Dr. Sean because he did tell us there was a slim possibility that pain meds and anti-inflammatory chews might help heal the knee if we can keep the dog from moving. Now, we tried to explain that he has to walk a mile before he poops, but hey, if it helps, we skip the walk and deal with the poop schedule.

As it turns out, whether on account of the pain or the pain killer, Tanner only walked down the street and back, no longer, no father, no deviation. Unfortunately, he did not find the chews edible, and so we have to push both the pills and the chew down his throat. He was a good sport about it and enjoyed the treat after each 12 hour dose.

I'd say it was about the two week mark, when his meds ran out, that he started running circles around the furniture in the house and wanting to walk longer and farther. We still took it slowly, he wasn't allowed to play with the dogs at our neighborhood park, we tried to walk shorter distances, at a slower pace for about a month.

He wasn't having any of it. But he also wasn't hurting. Fast forward to more recently, we had Tanner in for a nail clipping and they did a whole day's health and beauty for cheaper, so we took it. As part of it, they put him under sedation. I made sure the vet on call that morning knew to manipulate his leg to see if there was any improvement or worsening. Great news, it moved just fine!

Surprisingly, (although typing it I realize it shouldn't be) I started gaining weight. Since first getting the dog, I hadn't lost any weight. But now that I wasn't walking two miles a day, I was slowly gaining. I say surprisingly because I didn't think it would have made a difference. But then again, I started adding carbs into my diet so that could be the extra calories that walking would have kept off.

Our life was put on hold while we focused on the dog, which took considerable time. Not only the slower walking but the worrying and trying to figure out what to do if surgery was necessary. And so my blogs went to the bottom of my priority list. Sincerest apologies, readers!

Thinking back, we realized his knee was probably injured when he was running around with his pal Odie. We were sitting in the grassy near old Buddy and Tanner ran over the pavement and skidded out. He had a brush burn on his inner thigh which I treated with antibiotic ointment. That may have been when he strained his knee. There were also all the times he ran up and down the stairs in the house when he could have done it. Or a combination of any of those and some unknowns.

But he is now better and we are moving on if a bit more cautiously.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A dark and stormy night

Who wants to go to the gym on a dark, cold, rainy day? How about after work on a dark, cold, rainy day? It actually looks like it is going to be a storm.

Eating soup and grilled cheese while standing in some fuzzy socks sounds like a much better idea.

It is a good thing the gym in on the way home or I might be tempted to go straight to my humble abode. Doubly good that I pack my gym clothes and take the bag with me in the morning on the way to work. Actually, along that note, I keep a pair of sneakers and some socks in the trunk so that I have no excuse.

Talk about keeping up my motivation. I'm off to fight for my weight machines and stair stepper!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Too hot to handle

The sun, that is. Last weekend I was freezing in my house and decided to throw cleaning to the wind and just relax outside with a book, a large hoody sweatshirt, and some thick wool socks.

I eventually warmed up and discarded both additional items of clothing and decided to get some sun on my body. It has been about two years since this bod has seen the light. Working has its drawbacks, especially in offices with no windows. As I was planning on cleaning all day, removing all traces of a shedding dog, and then showering, I had not put on my usual dose of SPF facial moisturizer. The effects of this were quadrupled as the night before I had decided to exfoliate.

I did get a bit of sun, but “kissed” was bypassed for steamrolled. I went from reading my book and lounging outside with the dog directly into a dog walk during which a neighbor mentioned I had gotten a bit of sun. I was taken aback because I had not sweated once but that comment probably meant I would be burnt; all my mistakes of the past few days cascading through my brain.

My face did burn and so I have forgone my simple makeup and spot zit cream for only my SPF facial moisturizer during the day (rather a waste since the office has no windows, but the car does, after all) and a regiment of either cocoa butter cream or a potentate combo of vitamin E, A, and D cream. Well, the latter was potent before it dried up into a nice thick cream. I only had one dry spot, and no pealing-yet, fingers crossed.

Fast forward to this morning. The dog let me sleep in and I didn’t stir until a little after 9 am. We went outside and enjoyed the morning sun for a few minutes, debating whether I should have gone into work today with the clouds closing in. My dog was silently bouncing around and trying to pin me with those, it is potty time I need to go for a walk, eyes. So I threw on some socks and sneakers and head out the door, sans SPF. And sans sunglasses.

I tried to make my face into a blank mask and cast my eyes downward to not unduly tan in some wrinkles. I mentally kicked myself for not putting on the SPF this morning before I came downstairs. I still hadn’t had my morning coffee. After the dog did his business he seemed to be slowing down more than his usual. He will pull for exercise (my husband runs with him) and to sniff everything in the world (a habit I do not allow on our exercise walks) until it is time for him to go and then leisurely stroll afterward. But this morning it was slow. I took a look at him and his tongue was lolling out. 9 am is too hot for my dog to be walking around. Poor guy.

I had been thinking of waking up earlier to get to the gym before work. Since I am jonesing for activity I thought about adding in some cardio on my in between weights days. I had thought about just doing the couch to 5k program again on the treadmill I have at home, but the ones at the gym are so much nicer, so much. And I was thinking of the elliptical machines. We shall see. Unfortunately, the dog always wants to walk about 5 pm, he is very punctual, which is a very hot point in the day. I need to get him some booties to protect his feet and me some more SPF facial moisturizer. Or just get used to wearing a baseball hat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have completely changed up gym routine.

NAS Falon Community Support Programs website

In the last post I mentioned my workout buddy. Sherry was all about weights back when I was all about Zumba and Tia Chi. But I have gotten bored with missing all of my classes and just getting on the bike. So I figured I would try out the weights.

First week went great. Was just a bit soar and I wanted to eat healthier which was quite surprising. Actually portions of my legs and arms were very soar, indeed. But having the weekend off was almost too much, I was jonesing to do something. As it turned out I did nothing workout-wise all weekend: had to go into work and then took Sunday off to sit in the sun.

One day is arms, one day is torso, and the third day is legs. I also found a set of cardio machines off to the side that are a stair stepper mixed with running. Two separate leg parts, caps over the toes so it is nothing like a treadmill, more of a elliptical machine setup. Started out doing one minute as the stair stepper and then the next minute I "run"- it actually lights up to show where your stride is on both options. Until it gets easier I will be switching back and forth every other minute for a total of 6 minutes. I wish I could say I bust out more but I know me, if I am hurt or too soar, it will stop. Let's be honest, running can wait until I have been walking in this new set for a while.

Week Two has started out just fine. Monday is apparently ladies day at my gym, and for arms no less. With all the waiting around I did I came to the conclusion that arms and torso cannot follow one another. I will have to put legs in the middle. Leg day is hard when I do the stepper, but I can just do it a bit less zealously. Speaking of the stepper, it seems to be the guys' favorite. Perhaps because its away from all the chicks who are on the elliptical machines-which is why I was drawn to that little area, too. 

Well, here is to Week 2!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The One Mile A Day Challenge

I was chatting on the phone with one of my workout buddies who recently moved cross-country about the dog and how I mapped out our walk and realized we walk a mile in the am and a mile in the pm. Sometimes farther if Mr. I Don't Want To Poop needs a bit more motivation. And she excitedly asked me, "So how much weight have you lost? I bet it is just dripping off." 

Truth of the matter is, it's not. I had to admit it, even with all the walking, and the 20 minute bike I was doing at the gym, I was still gaining weight. Little by little I was up to 20 lbs. At some point it bothered me enough to voice my concerns to DH. He was so sweet, saying it was from all the crazy take out during the move. But it wasn't and I tried to explain I had actually lost a bit of weight then, this was all from... the holidays? Neither of us, myself, my husband, or my friend, could believe that will the added walking, I was still gaining.... and it was fat. 

Sure my legs are getting firmer, although I think it just pushes the cellulite father out. Hahaha. I noticed my calves aren't fitting so well into my skinny jeans, but then neither is my belly, and therein lies the problem. I had previously posted about muffin top and now it is getting a bit gross. I am to the point where I need to purchase larger clothes or get the motivation to get back into running. Thus far I have been able to hide my middle in sweaters because it has been winter and therefore cold. 

Now that the weather is warming up a bit, unseasonably, I pulled out some capris and realized they are probably a size bigger. When I had lost all that weight I got rid of almost all my larger sized clothes. 

A huge part of it is motivation. Recently, twice actually, I was so angry I did actually want to run. So one the one hand, I must be very happy. On the other, I can harness my emotions into exercise and not eating. Yay on both fronts. Back to the motivation. I tried to bring my workout clothes to work so that maybe I would be more apt to sweat and more comfortable, as right now I go in my work clothes and get on the bike because it is easier than the treadmill, and I didn't want to trip while I was reading my borrowed Kindle. But, it was freezing cold out (literally) and I had no motivation to change into workout clothes in the toilet (there is no locker room at the gym I have been going to) and even less to change at all and be cold in my cold car all the way home. So there is that.

But I am still walking a mile with the dog in the morning and at night, unless DH is home to take him. I always get the morning shift, somehow DH can sleep through the dog huffing at his face. The sound alone wakes me up. I now have a few different routes we can take and if we meet up with the dog group at night, we can add in another quarter of a mile or so in loops around the park. 

Coming in from the nightly walk I remembered a reasonable workout effort from my diet plan: the one mile a day challenge. I am blowing that out of the water, so even though I am heavier for now, my heart might be healthier.