Sunday, February 16, 2014

The One Mile A Day Challenge

I was chatting on the phone with one of my workout buddies who recently moved cross-country about the dog and how I mapped out our walk and realized we walk a mile in the am and a mile in the pm. Sometimes farther if Mr. I Don't Want To Poop needs a bit more motivation. And she excitedly asked me, "So how much weight have you lost? I bet it is just dripping off." 

Truth of the matter is, it's not. I had to admit it, even with all the walking, and the 20 minute bike I was doing at the gym, I was still gaining weight. Little by little I was up to 20 lbs. At some point it bothered me enough to voice my concerns to DH. He was so sweet, saying it was from all the crazy take out during the move. But it wasn't and I tried to explain I had actually lost a bit of weight then, this was all from... the holidays? Neither of us, myself, my husband, or my friend, could believe that will the added walking, I was still gaining.... and it was fat. 

Sure my legs are getting firmer, although I think it just pushes the cellulite father out. Hahaha. I noticed my calves aren't fitting so well into my skinny jeans, but then neither is my belly, and therein lies the problem. I had previously posted about muffin top and now it is getting a bit gross. I am to the point where I need to purchase larger clothes or get the motivation to get back into running. Thus far I have been able to hide my middle in sweaters because it has been winter and therefore cold. 

Now that the weather is warming up a bit, unseasonably, I pulled out some capris and realized they are probably a size bigger. When I had lost all that weight I got rid of almost all my larger sized clothes. 

A huge part of it is motivation. Recently, twice actually, I was so angry I did actually want to run. So one the one hand, I must be very happy. On the other, I can harness my emotions into exercise and not eating. Yay on both fronts. Back to the motivation. I tried to bring my workout clothes to work so that maybe I would be more apt to sweat and more comfortable, as right now I go in my work clothes and get on the bike because it is easier than the treadmill, and I didn't want to trip while I was reading my borrowed Kindle. But, it was freezing cold out (literally) and I had no motivation to change into workout clothes in the toilet (there is no locker room at the gym I have been going to) and even less to change at all and be cold in my cold car all the way home. So there is that.

But I am still walking a mile with the dog in the morning and at night, unless DH is home to take him. I always get the morning shift, somehow DH can sleep through the dog huffing at his face. The sound alone wakes me up. I now have a few different routes we can take and if we meet up with the dog group at night, we can add in another quarter of a mile or so in loops around the park. 

Coming in from the nightly walk I remembered a reasonable workout effort from my diet plan: the one mile a day challenge. I am blowing that out of the water, so even though I am heavier for now, my heart might be healthier.

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