Saturday, March 22, 2014

Too hot to handle

The sun, that is. Last weekend I was freezing in my house and decided to throw cleaning to the wind and just relax outside with a book, a large hoody sweatshirt, and some thick wool socks.

I eventually warmed up and discarded both additional items of clothing and decided to get some sun on my body. It has been about two years since this bod has seen the light. Working has its drawbacks, especially in offices with no windows. As I was planning on cleaning all day, removing all traces of a shedding dog, and then showering, I had not put on my usual dose of SPF facial moisturizer. The effects of this were quadrupled as the night before I had decided to exfoliate.

I did get a bit of sun, but “kissed” was bypassed for steamrolled. I went from reading my book and lounging outside with the dog directly into a dog walk during which a neighbor mentioned I had gotten a bit of sun. I was taken aback because I had not sweated once but that comment probably meant I would be burnt; all my mistakes of the past few days cascading through my brain.

My face did burn and so I have forgone my simple makeup and spot zit cream for only my SPF facial moisturizer during the day (rather a waste since the office has no windows, but the car does, after all) and a regiment of either cocoa butter cream or a potentate combo of vitamin E, A, and D cream. Well, the latter was potent before it dried up into a nice thick cream. I only had one dry spot, and no pealing-yet, fingers crossed.

Fast forward to this morning. The dog let me sleep in and I didn’t stir until a little after 9 am. We went outside and enjoyed the morning sun for a few minutes, debating whether I should have gone into work today with the clouds closing in. My dog was silently bouncing around and trying to pin me with those, it is potty time I need to go for a walk, eyes. So I threw on some socks and sneakers and head out the door, sans SPF. And sans sunglasses.

I tried to make my face into a blank mask and cast my eyes downward to not unduly tan in some wrinkles. I mentally kicked myself for not putting on the SPF this morning before I came downstairs. I still hadn’t had my morning coffee. After the dog did his business he seemed to be slowing down more than his usual. He will pull for exercise (my husband runs with him) and to sniff everything in the world (a habit I do not allow on our exercise walks) until it is time for him to go and then leisurely stroll afterward. But this morning it was slow. I took a look at him and his tongue was lolling out. 9 am is too hot for my dog to be walking around. Poor guy.

I had been thinking of waking up earlier to get to the gym before work. Since I am jonesing for activity I thought about adding in some cardio on my in between weights days. I had thought about just doing the couch to 5k program again on the treadmill I have at home, but the ones at the gym are so much nicer, so much. And I was thinking of the elliptical machines. We shall see. Unfortunately, the dog always wants to walk about 5 pm, he is very punctual, which is a very hot point in the day. I need to get him some booties to protect his feet and me some more SPF facial moisturizer. Or just get used to wearing a baseball hat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have completely changed up gym routine.

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In the last post I mentioned my workout buddy. Sherry was all about weights back when I was all about Zumba and Tia Chi. But I have gotten bored with missing all of my classes and just getting on the bike. So I figured I would try out the weights.

First week went great. Was just a bit soar and I wanted to eat healthier which was quite surprising. Actually portions of my legs and arms were very soar, indeed. But having the weekend off was almost too much, I was jonesing to do something. As it turned out I did nothing workout-wise all weekend: had to go into work and then took Sunday off to sit in the sun.

One day is arms, one day is torso, and the third day is legs. I also found a set of cardio machines off to the side that are a stair stepper mixed with running. Two separate leg parts, caps over the toes so it is nothing like a treadmill, more of a elliptical machine setup. Started out doing one minute as the stair stepper and then the next minute I "run"- it actually lights up to show where your stride is on both options. Until it gets easier I will be switching back and forth every other minute for a total of 6 minutes. I wish I could say I bust out more but I know me, if I am hurt or too soar, it will stop. Let's be honest, running can wait until I have been walking in this new set for a while.

Week Two has started out just fine. Monday is apparently ladies day at my gym, and for arms no less. With all the waiting around I did I came to the conclusion that arms and torso cannot follow one another. I will have to put legs in the middle. Leg day is hard when I do the stepper, but I can just do it a bit less zealously. Speaking of the stepper, it seems to be the guys' favorite. Perhaps because its away from all the chicks who are on the elliptical machines-which is why I was drawn to that little area, too. 

Well, here is to Week 2!