Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have completely changed up gym routine.

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In the last post I mentioned my workout buddy. Sherry was all about weights back when I was all about Zumba and Tia Chi. But I have gotten bored with missing all of my classes and just getting on the bike. So I figured I would try out the weights.

First week went great. Was just a bit soar and I wanted to eat healthier which was quite surprising. Actually portions of my legs and arms were very soar, indeed. But having the weekend off was almost too much, I was jonesing to do something. As it turned out I did nothing workout-wise all weekend: had to go into work and then took Sunday off to sit in the sun.

One day is arms, one day is torso, and the third day is legs. I also found a set of cardio machines off to the side that are a stair stepper mixed with running. Two separate leg parts, caps over the toes so it is nothing like a treadmill, more of a elliptical machine setup. Started out doing one minute as the stair stepper and then the next minute I "run"- it actually lights up to show where your stride is on both options. Until it gets easier I will be switching back and forth every other minute for a total of 6 minutes. I wish I could say I bust out more but I know me, if I am hurt or too soar, it will stop. Let's be honest, running can wait until I have been walking in this new set for a while.


Week Two has started out just fine. Monday is apparently ladies day at my gym, and for arms no less. With all the waiting around I did I came to the conclusion that arms and torso cannot follow one another. I will have to put legs in the middle. Leg day is hard when I do the stepper, but I can just do it a bit less zealously. Speaking of the stepper, it seems to be the guys' favorite. Perhaps because its away from all the chicks who are on the elliptical machines-which is why I was drawn to that little area, too. 

Well, here is to Week 2!

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